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Top 7 Strategies to Achieve Your Goals

Strategies to Achieve Your Goals

We all want to learn effective ways and strategies to help us achieve our goals.

When I speak of goals, I mean any kind of goal, not just career, possessions, or money.

To achieve your goals, you need to be keen on making progress and be ready to grab opportunities and take action.

In this article, I would like to suggest a few simple strategies to achieve goals that you can easily adopt and use. You might have read about some of them elsewhere, but it is always useful to read over and again, even things that you know well.

There are various goal achieving strategies, which you can find in articles and books. Different strategies are suitable for different goals and for different people.

I would like to focus on strategies that can help you achieve any kind of goal. The approach and attitude are similar, no matter what you want.

They are useful for achieving financial success, finding a job, losing weight, finding love, self-improvement, and other purposes.

Always remember reading is not enough, you need to practice these strategies.

Strategies to Achieve Goals

Here are a few strategies to achieve goals. You might have heard or read about these strategies elsewhere, but it is always a good thing to repeat them.

1. Find out what it is that you want to achieve.

Write a one-sentence definition of your goal. Work on this sentence until it is clear and to the point.

When the goal is clear, it becomes easier to achieve it, and you know what you need to do.

Unclear thinking can hurt motivation and might take you on the wrong path. Writing down your goal makes it definite and clear.

2. Keep the definition of your goal handy

Keep a sheet of paper with the definition of your goal near your bed.

Read this sentence several times before falling asleep at night, and also upon waking up in the morning.

3. Use your imagination to visualize your goal

Visualize your goal for some minutes, several times a day. In your mind’s eye see your goal as achieved or in the process of being achieved.

Try to make the image in your mind clear. If you find it difficult to visualize, just do your best, even if the image is hazy and unclear.

4. Expect success and positive results

Keep an open mind and an attitude of mind that expects success. See success as the only option. This will help you become more attentive and aware of useful ideas and opportunities.

Always expect success and do not entertain doubts about it in your mind.

5. Willpower, discipline and perseverance

Exercise your willpower and self-discipline to keep your focus on the goal, and to stick with your resolve to succeed.

Do not let anything distract you or make you deviate from your goal. This might not be easy, but it is a must.

6. Continue despite obstacles

Go on, even if there are obstacles on the way or you see no progress. Do not allow anything to discourage you. Those who persevere succeed.

Even people who rose high in their chosen field experienced failure, but they did not allow it to affect them. If they fell, they rose up again.

7. Silence is power

Do not talk too much about what you want to achieve. Focus on doing things, not on talking.

Too much talking with others about your desires and goals dissipate your inner powers.

Learn to channel your energy toward achieving your goal, not to talking, bragging, and telling everyone what you want to do.

Example for Using Goal Strategies

Let’s take a simple goal.

Suppose you wish to learn to speak Italian. What steps should you take to ensure that you will have at least a basic understanding of the language?

  1. Your definition of your goal is: “I want to learn speaking Italian.”
  2. Write this goal on a piece of paper or make a note in your phone that you want to learn Italian. Look at this note often during the day.
  3. Every day, devote a few minutes to imagine yourself speaking the language fluently.
  4. Always expect that you will learn fast and easily, and that you will know the language well.
  5. Find a teacher or an online course, and start studying. Do not miss lessons, do your homework, and do even more than required. You can also keep on studying on your own, in your spare time.
  6. Continue, even if you are busy, cannot find time, or if you face distractions.
  7. Keep studying, devoting time and energy, until you can speak the language.

The above will give you the notion on how to proceed, no matter what your goal is.

These are a few basic strategies to accomplish goals. Do not ignore them due to their simplicity.

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