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What to Do in Stressful Situations?

What to Do in Stressful Situations?

A friend once said to me, “I am an easy-going person, but when someone annoys or criticizes me, I keep thinking about what he or she said, for a long time afterwards.”

What he said is true for everyone. We dwell on unpleasant remarks that someone said, on painful memories, and on worries or fears, which keep the mind in a state of stress and unhappiness.

Almost every day, we meet stressful people and face stressful situations, which affect our state of mind and how we feel.

We Need Inner Peace in Our Busy Daily Life

With a peaceful frame of mind we can avoid negative thinking, stress, and dwelling on worries. Inner peace leads to better emotional and physical health, and helps us handle our daily affairs of life in a more efficient manner.

Inner peace is a state of mental and emotional calmness. In this state, you experience peace, a kind of tranquility, happiness and a sense of freedom.

Is it possible for anyone who has a full-time job, responsibilities and a busy life, to enjoy inner peace in his or her daily life?

Absolutely yes!

Inner peace is within everyone’s reach. You may lead a busy life, have a demanding job and a family to support, and yet, enjoy inner peace.

Inner peace is not dependent on special conditions or circumstances. It is the privilege of everyone, not just of yogis and monks living in an ashram or a monastery.

It might seem easier to gain inner peace while leading a quiet life in a peaceful place, than while leading a busy life, with work, chores, responsibilities and problems. This is not always true, since you can live in a peaceful place, and yet, feel stressed and worried.

The right place and the right time to gain inner peace are here and now, no matter where you live or what do for a living.

Why Do You Need Inner Peace?

  • Inner peace gives you inner strength.
  • It gives you confidence.
  • Inner peace helps you overcome stress, nervousness, and impatience.
  • It enables you to deal calmly and in a poised manner with any problem or issue that you might face, rather than being stressed, confused and making mistakes.
  • Inner peace enables you not to act thoughtlessly, but proceed with whatever needs to be done, rationally and wisely.

What to Do in Stressful Situations?

Stress and lack of inner peace do not have to be part of your life. With just a little effort, you can avoid them.

Since stress often comes by surprise, there are a few simple and most effective immediate first aid actions for releasing it.

When you become stressed, you needlessly put the body on alert, and use extra tenseness, oxygen and energy, though there is no physical danger,

Therefore, first aid actions are essential for restoring the body’s inner balance.

Here are a few examples of first aid actions in times of stress, to help you relieve it.

1. Take a few deep breaths
Taking a few deep breaths, will bring a greater quantity of oxygen into the lungs and into the blood, and is most helpful in times of stress. The extra oxygen calms the physical and the mental tension and restores inner balance.

2. Drink water
When you feel stressed you feel that your mouth gets dry.


Because the blood requires extra liquids for its imaginary threat. Drinking water in times of stress has a calming effect on the body. It helps to restore its inner balance, and relieves emotional and physical stress.

3. Eat something sweet
In times of stress, eating or drinking something sweet is helpful, as sweet foods and drinks increase the Serotonin levels (a chemical substance produced in the body). Serotonin affects the mood and behavior, and creates a good feeling, whereas its deficiency can cause anxiety.

4. Practice a quick relaxation of the body
Contracting and loosening up every part of your body will relieve the tension and refresh the body, and this in turn, would calm your mind.

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Apart of these first aid actions, there are also other various techniques, which can help you deal effectively with stress, worries and negative thinking, and turn inner peace into a habit.

You can learn about these techniques in my eBook, “Enjoy Inner Peace in the Busy Daily Life“.

You can download this eBook right away, and start learning how to enjoy inner peace.

As you become familiar with this new attitude to life, you will be able to remain tranquil in stressful situations and around stressful people, and enjoy inner peace.

This article has been extracted from the book, “Enjoy Inner Peace in the Busy Daily Life“.