New Year’s Resolutions by the Numbers

Did you make new year resolutions at the beginning of the year? Did you make a list of things you want to achieve during the year? Are the resolutions related to simple things, or are they related to major goals? … Continue Reading

The Strength within

Developing the Strength within You

Do you sometimes feel that you don’t have the strength to act with resolution and strength? Do you feel helpless in certain situations? Do you feel that people often take advantage of you, and you cannot resist them? Are you … Continue Reading

How To Become Assertive

The way you act towards other people can be categorised into three types of behaviour: Passive, Aggressive and Assertive. If you tend to act passively then you may be seeking to avoid conflict, often at the expense of your own … Continue Reading

Do You Finish What You Start Doing?

Do you finish what you start? Do you possess enough inner strength to go through with whatever you start doing? How many times have you started to do something with enthusiasm and energy, and then lost your enthusiasm and energy … Continue Reading

Learn How to Say No

Learn How to Say No

Do you find it difficult, and sometimes awkward, to say ‘no’? Do you people take advantage of you because you cannot tell them the word ‘no’? Here are a few ways to say ‘no’ in an elegant way, and the … Continue Reading