Meditations to Overcome Self Consciousness

5 Meditations to Overcome Self Consciousness

Heightened self-consciousness can be a serious problem. It can prevent us from relaxing, especially in social situations, and can make us hyper self-critical. I personally suffered from heightened self-consciousness for years. In my early twenties, anytime I would socialize I would always feel pressured, and my mind would be flooded with thoughts like, “What are people thinking of me?” and …

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Meditation Definition and Guidance

Top Meditation Guidance and Useful Tips for Everyone

“Meditation is sticking to one thought. That single thought keeps away other thoughts; distraction of mind is a sign of its weakness; by constant meditation it gains strength”. – Sri Ramana Maharshi These words, from one of the great spiritual teachers, Sri Ramana Maharshi, define in concise words what means to meditate. According to these words, meditation means focusing your …

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Get rid of Anxiety

How Daily Meditation Can Help You Get Rid of Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental disorders, along with depression, that people have nowadays. Anxiety has effects not only on your thoughts but on your body too. When the anxiety has a high level, you might find yourself sweating, trembling, your heart beating faster and breathing rapidly. A lot of negative thoughts might rush through your head, such …

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Meditation Retreat

How to Live within an Inner Meditation Retreat

Are you keen about making progress with meditation, but do not have enough time to practice it as much as you want? Do you wish you could join a meditation retreat at least once in your life? Well, if you are earnest about meditation, you can make progress even in a busy life. You can work, study, enjoy a family …

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Why Meditate

Why Meditate? Reasons and Advice for Meditation

You might have considered learning to meditate, but you ask what you will get out of it. The following questions might have crossed your mind: Is meditation important? What will you get from meditation? Why do people meditate? Meditation Releases Stress Meditation is a mental – spiritual practice that relaxes the mind and the body, and helps you experience inner …

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Best Time to Meditate

When Is the Best Time to Meditate?

People, who start meditating, often ask, “When is the best time to meditate?” The short answer is now. Now is the best time to meditate. Actually, any time of the day or night, morning, noon, or evening is suitable for meditation. If you are earnest about meditation, do not wait for the ideal times to meditate. There are no such …

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Meditation Is not a Waste of Time

Practicing “Who Am I” Meditation

Meditation might mean different things to different people, and the aims they hope to attain might be different too. Some, meditate because they want to relax their body and mind, and others, because they want to get rid of their anxieties or stress. Some, long for peace of mind, and others, pursue meditation because it helps them focus their mind. …

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Spiritual Consciousness

Meditation and the Spiritual Consciousness beyond the Mind

A regular practice of meditation has a profound effect on the mind and on one’s awareness and consciousness. Regular practice of meditation calms down the restlessness of the mind, and therefore, makes it possible to experience, and become aware something, which is beyond the scope of the mind. Thoughts are like clouds that hide the sun, or like waves that …

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Meditation Antidote to Stress

Meditation Is the Antidote to Stress and Worries

Meditation has always been recognized as the antidote and remedy for stress, worry and fear. It is not a magical medicine, and the results do not show overnight, but they are assured, if you commit yourself to meditate every day. We are living in a world full of tensions, stress and worries. Work, relationships, financial conditions, health, dangers and fears …

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Consciousness - Awareness

Consciousness, Awareness, the Mind, and You

I received an email some time ago, from a person who read an article about the mind, saying that the article made him feel uncomfortable. The article’s title was, “You are not the Mind”, and it stated that the mind is a tool we use, and is not who we really are. This person could not accept the idea that …

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