Meditation Is not a Waste of Time

Why Meditation Is not a Waste of Time

There are people, who think that meditation is a waste of time. They do not see any benefit in just sitting down and doing nothing. Are they right about that? Meditation is not a waste of time. On the contrary, … Continue Reading

Awareness of the World

Are You Aware of the World Around You?

Are you aware of the world around you? Are you aware of what is happening around you? Most people are too focused on themselves, on their thoughts, desires or smartphone. Do you constantly think of your problems and worries? Do … Continue Reading

Meditation Help You Lose Weight

How Does Meditation Help You Lose Weight?

Why Consider Meditation to Help You Lose Weight? Trying to lose weight can be stressful. That stress can lead to additional weight gain instead of weight loss. Meditation helps you lose weight by putting you into the right mindset to … Continue Reading