Watkins Books

Watkins Books London – An Interesting Experience

Years ago, I used to visit Watkins Books, whenever I came to London. I liked this bookshop, and still do, for the great collection of books on many of my favorite topics. I always enjoyed visiting Watkins Books, and used to spend time browsing the books, reading, and of course, buying more than a few books. Watkins Books is situated …

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How to Improve Your Meditation

How to Improve Your Meditation – 7 Simple Tips

A great number of people nowadays, meditate regularly, and if you are one of them, you might have wondered what you can do to improve your meditation. As you probably know, many factors can disturb meditation, such as noises, external distractions, stress or physical tension. Lack of enough focus and lack of motivation also play they role. In this short …

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Self Inquiry Meditation

How to Practice Self-Inquiry Meditation

There is a deeper consciousness inside everyone, hidden beneath layers of thoughts, feelings and desires. This consciousness is like a strong bulb of light, hidden by covers upon covers of thoughts, feelings, desires, worries and fears. The purpose of self-inquiry meditation is to remove the covers, and let this bulb of light – this consciousness, shine unhindered. After removing the …

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Do You Need a Meditation Teacher to Learn Meditation?

Do you need a teacher to teach you meditation? Do you need someone to guide you, or is it possible to do it on your own? It is understandable to expect someone with experience to guide you, and nowadays is quite easy to find someone with experience. This is true in every area of life, not just with meditation. You …

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Meditation-Inner Silence

Meditation Leads to Inner Silence and Inner Peace

People who practice meditation, might at some point experience brief flashes of inner peace. It is a sort of temporary inner silence, tranquility and a sense of bliss. Gradually, these flashes of inner peace, which last for a split second at the beginning, get longer and deeper. The time might extend to several seconds, and then even to several minutes. …

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Expanding Consciousness

Expanding Consciousness – Getting a Glimpse of Spiritual Awakening

Do you limit your awareness and thoughts to your immediate surroundings only? Do you sometimes think beyond your everyday problems, your work, and the people you know? You can expand your awareness and get a glimpse of spiritual awakening. At times, you expand your awareness a little, when you listen to news about the world, read the newspapers, or watch …

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Benefits of Meditation

The Benefits of Meditation – Physical, Emotional and Mental

Practicing meditation confers many benefits and can improve your life in many ways. In this post, I would like to mention a few of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits of meditation. Like everything in life, you reap results and become successful, only when you repeat your actions and persevere with what you are doing. This is true when …

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Detachment Is Important for Meditation

Why Detachment Is Important for a Successful Meditation

A good meditation requires a focused mind and the ability to ignore all distractions, inner and external. You would not reach far, if you allow every thought, sound or physical sensation distract your attention and take it away from the meditation. Can you ignore all the thoughts that pop up into your mind when you sit down to meditate? Are …

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Water Meditation by the Sea

Relaxing Your Mind with Water Meditation

Do you sometimes feel troubled, unhappy or restless? Are you looking for a simple solution? Depending on where you live, go and sit in a quiet place on the shore of a lake, by the sea, or on the bank of a river. You can sit on a bench, if there is one, on a rock, or on the floor. …

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Candle Meditation

How to Do Candle Meditation and What Are the Benefits

What Is Candle Meditation Candle meditation is a simple meditation technique in which you focus your sight and your attention on the flame of a candle for a certain length of time. The flame of a candle has some mystery in it, and it attracts the attention. It flickers, changes it shape, produces a halo, and displays several colors. All …

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