Meditation Reduces Stress

10 Reasons Why Meditation Reduces Stress and Increases Calmness

You have most probably heard more than once that meditation reduces stress and increases calmness, but you might have thought that meditation is not for you. Have you tried practicing meditation? It is not as difficult as it might appear to you, and it is not a strange and weird practice. There are many people, all around the world, who …

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What Is Meditation

What Is Meditation? Meaning, Definition and Benefits

What is meditation about? In this post, I would like to speak about the meaning of meditation, and offer definition for meditation. People often ask: What is meditation and how to define it? Is it worthwhile to practice it? What are the benefits of meditation? How to define meditation? Let’s start with the definition of meditation. A good understanding of …

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Mindfulness Wellness

Why Mindfulness Is an Important Part of Wellness

When setting out on a journey of self-improvement, you quickly learn that there is nothing outside of you that can change you. To create true, lasting change, the inner workings of our mind need to be conditioned for success, as it’s the very foundation of our being. If you want to build a stable, happy and satisfying lifestyle, you have …

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