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Do You Try to Boost Your Ego and Impress People?

Boosting Ego

Most people want to show off. That’s natural. They want to create a certain self-image, which often, is only a cover, a mask.

Many want to impress their friends, and strangers too.

Do they succeed to do so, or they just get the opposite reaction? This depends on what they do.

If you have done something good, achieved or received something other people admire, you might attract people’s attention and make an impression on them.

However, this is not always the case.

Boosting Ego Examples

Here are two examples of trying to boost one’s ego and impress people:

Example One

What about someone who drives at high speed, believing people would say, “What a good driver! He has good control of his car and has no fear.”

The truth is that most people think differently. They would say, “What a jerk, driving so recklessly just to attract attention. He is a dangerous driver!”

Example Two

Let’s take another example. A young boy smokes when he is with his friends. He wants to show off, thinking that smoking makes him look more adult, especially in the eyes of the girls. He believes that a cigarette is a symbol of authority, power, and importance.

Do his friends think so about him and treat him with more respect? Probably not, and the girls might say that he stinks from cigarette smell.

In both cases, the person who tries to create an impression, to look big and strong, actually gets the opposite reaction from the people he wants to impress.

If you look around you, you will see many similar scenarios every day.

People, consciously or unconsciously, want to create a certain image of themselves because it adds to their self-esteem. Sometimes they succeed, and sometimes they don’t. This happens intentionally, and in a more extreme manner, in certain professions, when a public relations person is hired, to create buzz for the person or for a cause.

Often, people want to be more than what they are and they want to attract attention. They do so in a variety of ways, speaking in a loud voice, dress differently, behave in a certain manner, or do crazy things.

People Want to Feel Important

Almost everyone wants to feel important and to make people see them not as they really are.

Often, the things people do, don’t create the impression they want to create.

A person might be obsessed with a certain thought, and therefore, acts in a certain way, but people see him through their eyes and not as he sees himself. In other words, you might think you are impressing people, while actually, you are getting a different response.

Often, you won’t even know what other people think of you, and whether you impressed them the way you wanted. Strangers would usually tell you nothing, and close people wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings, and therefore, will not tell you what they really think of you, or about what you have done.

It’s the ego, which wants to feel important and to be respected, and often, does foolish things that bring just the opposite.

If you want to impress people, do something useful and helpful. This will win you more appreciation, than trying to impress them through foolish or reckless behavior.

Ask yourself, do you want to impress people, and if you do, why? Do you feel important and powerful, only if someone appreciates you? Why not have enough self-confidence and self-esteem, without someone boosting your ego?

You can feel powerful and good about yourself, have self-esteem and self-confidence, without the need to impress anyone. You can live a very good life, without any ego games.

You will find many articles to boost your self-worth and inner strength, here, at this website. You will find ways to get stronger and more powerful, without boosting the ego. Boosting the ego is like inflating a balloon. It can burst at any moment. Real strength is different.

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