Wealth Secret: 3 Ways to a Wealth Mentality that Works

The law of attraction sounds simple. Think positive thoughts and good things will happen. This particular wealth secret almost sounds too simple, doesn’t it? But in the real world, rainbow dreams and sunny quotations just aren’t enough to manifest wealth beyond reason.

Here are 3 ways to create the wealth mentality you need for the abundance you deserve.

Hone Your Mind

The occasional “I want to be a money magnet” is not enough to build the wealth beyond reason you’re looking for. Don’t get sucked into thinking that haphazard positive thoughts, conjured up only when you remember to do it, are going to foster a wealth mentality.

If you want to create wealth behind reason, you’ll need to focus your mind consistently.

Whether you use wealth affirmations, visualizations, or meditation, mark your schedule and do it every single day. If your day is super-packed with jobs, kids, and other responsibilities, you may need to get creative with your focus time. Try this wealth secret: Take a few extra minutes in the bathroom. Adding just 3 or 4 minutes to a bathroom break can give you extra time to focus in a place where the kids aren’t as likely to bother you.

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