The Key to Happiness

The Key to Happiness – Learn to Let Go

“Learn to let go. That is the key to happiness.” – Buddha Why letting go is the key to happiness? Why did Buddha say that letting go is the key to happiness? To answer this question, we need to know what does letting go mean. What Does Letting Go Mean? It means to stop clinging to memories, thoughts, situations and …

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Emotional Burden

What Is Emotional Burden and How to Get Rid of It

What does emotional burden mean? Do you feel burdened by problems? Do you feel some kind of a heavy load pressing you down? Are some emotions keeping popping up and disturbing your inner peace? If this is true for you, you might be carrying an emotional burden. What is emotional burden? It is a set of thoughts, fears, worries and …

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Negative Emotional Involvement

Discover How to Protect Yourself from Negative Emotional Involvement

How to protect yourself from negative emotional involvement? Why you need to protect yourself? Read on, and find simple tips that would upgrade your life. The emotions of the people that we come across in our everyday life, affect us in many ways. If these are positive emotions we feel inspired and motivated. However, not all emotions are positive. Many …

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Articles on Letting Go

Discover Our Articles on Letting Go and on Positive Emotional Detachment

We have compiled for you a list of articles on letting go, which appear on our blog. We hope you will find them informative, interesting and useful. Why you need to let go? What does letting go mean? What does emotional detachment mean? How to let go? Read the articles mentioned below, to find the answers to these questions. Did …

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Offended by What People Say

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Offended by What People Say

Do you often feel offended by what people say about you? Do you feel hurt? Most people do! We want people to like us, even people whom we don’t know. This craving to be liked is a strong desire. However, in reality, it wouldn’t be wise to expect all people to like us all the time. We dress in a …

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Stress Management Techniques

Stress Management Techniques for Managing Stress

Stress consumes our time and energy, weakens our immune system, and creates restlessness, unhappiness, impatience and anger. Nobody wants it, but still it is here, present in everyone’s life. Stress can harm your life, ambitions, relationships and health. There is no doubt that it would be much better to live without it. There are various stress management techniques that can …

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How to Detach Yourself

How to Detach from Someone Who Distresses You

Do you sometimes wonder how to detach from someone who makes you feel distressed and uncomfortable? Do you wish you knew how to detach from someone who makes you feel bad, mentally and emotionally? How to deal with stressful relationship issues? We often have to deal with people who cause us stress and strain. These could be strangers, but they …

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Letting Go

What Is the Meaning of Letting Go?

We often hear the words, “let go”. What do these words mean, and is it easy and simple to let go? Psychology, self-improvement and spiritual traditions speak about letting go and the benefits of embracing it, but what is it? What Is the Meaning of Letting Go? Let go meaning: This term means letting go of painful memories and painful …

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Emotional Detachment

What Is Emotional Detachment – Definition and Meaning

What is emotional detachment? You might have never heard about it, and if you did it, it is most probably that you have heard about its negative phase. In its negative phase, it can mean lack of empathy, repression of the emotions and estrangement. I am not talking about this kind of emotional detachment. I am not talking about the …

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Detachment and the Two Momks

Detachment and the Story of Two Monks and a Woman

Here is a story about two monks and a woman, and how a certain degree of detachment can help you stay calm and focused. What do you do, when you go through an unpleasant experience, or when someone tells you something you do not like hearing? Do you keep thinking about the event or the words said? Do you go …

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