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Affirmations for Inner Peace and Calmness

Inner Peace Affirmations

In a world of tension and stress, a state of inner peace is most welcome in everyone’s life.

We all find ourselves often in stressful or uncomfortable situations. In order to function well in these situations, we need a certain measure of calmness and inner peace.

We often encounter situations, in which the emotions get heated, and anxieties, worries and uncertainties fill our minds.

At these times, calmness and inner peace are of the utmost importance. This can happen when we are at work, at school or at the college, when in the company of other people and when alone.

How to Get inner Peace When You Need It?

We can attain a state of calmness and inner peace through special training.

However, not everyone is keen on spending time and energy to attain these skills. Most people are too busy with their everyday life. They become aware of the necessity of inner peace only when they are in stressful and difficult situations.

Of course, taking the time each day to work on making the mind peaceful is most recommended. However, what to do if you need inner peace urgently, but are not trained with the methods of gaining it? One of the ways is to use affirmations.

The subject of affirmations has been covered in various articles, which you can find at this website, as well as in my book, Affirmations – Words with Power. Here, in this article, I want to focus on how to use affirmations to help you experience a state of inner peace and calmness.

If you do not know, affirmations are positive statements about something in your life that you want to have, get or change.

By repeating these positive statements often, you engrave them on your subconscious mind, and thus, trigger your subconscious mind to act on your behalf, in accordance with the words that you are repeating.

Affirmations can, to a certain extent, calm down the mind, at least temporarily, when you need inner peace. Affirmations can also help you keep your mind quiet when you sit to meditate.

One of the main aims of meditation is to calm the restlessness of the mind.

As you continue meditating, gradually, inner peace becomes a frequent visitor. However, as a beginner, your mind is most probably too restless, and you need something to calm it down. In this case, affirmations are very handy and useful.

Below, you will find a list of affirmations for inner peace and for calming down the mind.

Choose any affirmation that you like. You may repeat different ones at different times.

  • Repeat one of these affirmations, when you catch yourself feeling stressed, worried or anxious.
  • You can also repeat them in bed, if you cannot fall asleep.
  • You may also repeat them just before starting to meditate.

Repeat one affirmation at a time, for a few moments. Do so with attention and earnestness, believing what you are saying, and expecting the words you are repeating to work.

Inner Peace Affirmations

Positive affirmations for peace of mind, inner peace and calmness.

A list for calming affirmations to soothe and quiet your mind.

  1. All worries and anxieties are leaving my mind, making space for calmness and peace.
  2. Every breath I take fills me with peace.
  3. All unnecessary thoughts are leaving my mind now, letting me experience inner peace.
  4. All worries and anxieties are leaving me, and are replaced by calmness, peace and confidence.
  5. I am calm and relaxed in every situation.
  6. I decide what thoughts to think, and which thoughts to reject.
  7. My mind is becoming peaceful, allowing me to have deep and healthy sleep.
  8. All thoughts are leaving my mind, and I am falling into a sound and healthy sleep.
  9. When I meditate, my mind becomes free from thoughts.
  10. My mind is at peace when I meditate.
  11. Thoughts stop outside my mind during meditation.
  12. I am at peace with myself and with the world.
  13. I am relaxed and full of energy and inner strength under all circumstances.
  14. I can quiet my mind and my thoughts whenever I want.
  15. I can relax my mind and my body in every situation.
  16. I handle every situation and every event with calmness and self-control.
  17. I think peaceful thoughts and enjoy peace in my life.
  18. Stress and anxiety are gone away, and peace and poise step in.
  19. I remain calm and relaxed in stressful situations.
  20. Whatever happens around me does not affect my poise and calmness.
  21. I breath peace, I feel peace, and I live in peace.