Love Affirmations

Can Affirmations Help You Find Love?

Can affirmations help you find love? Yes they can. Those that believe that affirmations can bring results, and who had some experience with them, will tell you that affirmations can help you find love. Skeptics, and people who have never … Continue Reading

Affirmations for Finding Work

20 Positive Affirmations for Work

Are you looking for a job? Consider repeating positive affirmation for work. You can take advantage of the power of positive affirmations to find work. This does not mean that you stop looking for a job, just repeat a few … Continue Reading

Words Have Power

The Tremendous Power of Words

Words have a tremendous power. I don’t mean just the words you hear or say aloud. I am also talking about the words you repeat in your mind. Do you keep telling yourself how difficult life is? If you do, … Continue Reading

Affirmations and Weight Loss

Affirmations and Weight Loss

How quickly you can resolve a resistant issue depends on the issue, how deeply held the belief is, and how determined you are to bring about change in that area of your life. The latter is perhaps the most important … Continue Reading

Affirmations to Improve Your Life

An affirmation is a positive assertion, a solemn declaration, a way to change your way of thinking. You can use affirmations to improve performance and results in all areas of your life. The “positive action” self-talk of specific affirmations is … Continue Reading

Money and Affirmations

A Question about Affirmations for Money

People keep asking me about affirmations, and how to use them. Some of the questions are about affirmations for money. Here is a typical question: “I want to affirm for money, can I use affirmations to get money? Can I … Continue Reading