Dare to Think Big

Dare to Think Big – Adopt Unlimited Thinking

You have to think big to be big. – Claude M. Bristol Imagine yourself watching the same movie many times a day, day after day. After a while, you know it by heart and it becomes boring. There are no surprises anymore. In time, if you keep watching the same movie, watching it becomes a habit. You don’t even try …

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Attracting Money

How to Visualize and Attract Money Into Your Life

If you who wish to use the power of visualization to manifest something in your life, do you wonder whether to visualize money or the object you wish to have? If you visualize money, you might get the money, but it doesn’t mean you will spend on what you want. There might be other needs with higher priority. In my …

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Winning the Lottery

Winning the Lottery through Visualization

Sometimes, people ask whether it is possible to win the lottery through creative visualization, the technique that uses the imagination to attract to you the things you want. Using visualization to win the lottery is quite different from using visualization to gain other things. Visualization and the Lottery If you want a car, there are many cars in the world, …

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