Visualizing and Attracting Money Into Your Life

If you who wish to use the power of visualization to manifest something in your life, do you wonder whether to visualize money or the object you wish to have?

If you visualize money, you might get the money, but it doesn’t mean it will be spent on what you want. There might be other needs with higher priority. In my opinion, it is always better to visualize exactly what you want.

Suppose you desire to travel abroad. What would motivate you, strengthen your desire, and energize you to do everything you can in order to travel? Visualizing getting the money for the trip, or visualizing yourself on the plane, arriving safely, traveling, enjoying the sights and the food, and having a great time?

You can of course visualize money and attract it into your life. If you wish just to be financially independent, then it is all right, but if what you wish is a particular object, or doing something that requires money, it would be better to visualize your exact desire accomplished. If money is required to make it come true, it will arrive in some way.

Visualization might attract things into your life in a miraculous way, but often, it will attract opportunities, or make you aware of opportunities that are there. It will open doors, but you have to take advantages of these opportunities.

Sometimes, you might get certain ideas or intuition, but you will have to do something about them.

Often, you will be led to do certain actions, meet certain people, or make some effort in order to manifest your desire.

Here is an email message I have received recently about this topic:

“I purchased your book ‘Visualize and Achieve’ today. In the book, you suggest not concentrating on money, but rather the product or object. In my case, I have the house, the car, etc. I’d like to retire and travel, so I need money to pay off my mortgage, become debt free and obtain financial freedom. How do I address this with my affirmations and visualization?”

Here is what I replied:

“If you wish to attract money:
1. Visualize yourself looking at your bank statement, which shows a large amount of money.
2. Visualize a check to your order, with the amount of money you desire.

As to affirmations, you may repeat the following affirmations:
1. I am financially independent.
2. Money is constantly flowing into my life.
3. I am so happy to have so much money in my bank account.
4. I have a lot of money and more is coming all the time.

If you visualize money, you might get the money, but you might need to spend it on something else.

Why not visualize yourself debt free, financially independent and able to travel wherever you want? This is exactly what you want, so this is what you need to visualize.

This sort of visualization awakens the emotions, motivates, and make you feel positive and inspired, and is therefore, more effective than just visualizing money.”

You will find more advice, instructions and step by step guidance for using the power of visualization in the book Visualize and Achieve Your Dreams.

You will find in the book working visualization techniques for achieving your dreams and goals and attracting success into your life!

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