Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

The thoughts you think most often create your reality.

For every result and every situation in the external world there is an inner cause, and this cause are your thoughts.

In other words, the conditions and circumstances of your life are the result of your thoughts and beliefs.

How can you utilize the power of your thoughts?

There are a few things you can do to create the reality you want.

  • You can utilize the power of your thoughts by becoming conscious of your thoughts.
  • After learning to be aware of the thoughts that you think, you need to learn to avoid the ones you do not want and focus more on the ones you want.
  • Avoiding negative negative, repressing and unhappy thoughts.
  • Thinking in a positive way.
  • Learning to use the laws of creative visualization, which some people today, call the law of attraction.

You can create your reality consciously and intently. Creative visualization is most helpful in this respect.

Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the powers of the mind and the imagination to create what we want in our life. With the help of this technique, we can shape our life, character and circumstances, and attract opportunities, people and the things we desire.

This technique is similar to daydreaming. In both of them, we create imaginary mental scenarios of events and situations, just like a movie.

The difference is that with creative visualization we use certain rules and techniques that enable us to create these mental scenarios and events as reality in our life. Through this technique, your thoughts can create your reality.

The thoughts we most often think create the circumstances and events of our life.

When you become familiar with the mental laws of success, and learn how to visualize what you really want, you will then be able to improve your life and create success. You become the conscious creator of your life.

“Create a compelling vision, one that takes people to a new place, and then translate that vision into a reality.”
-Warren Bennis

If you look at some of your past success or failure, and try to remember your state of mind prior to the success or failure, you will often discover that you repeated certain thoughts over and again in your mind. These thoughts, led you to behave and act in a certain manner, and attracted certain corresponding events and circumstances into your life.

Thinking a certain thought a few times will most probably not change your life, but repeating the same thought everyday, day after day will ultimately create a new reality, in accordance with the thoughts that you repeated.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

  • Repeating the same thought day after day programs the subconscious mind to act according to this thought and to bring it into reality.
  • Thoughts and mental images lead to action, and action leads to results, fulfillment and achievement.
  • A strong and definite thought or mental image tends to create its counterpart in the physical world.

This article is for general information. You can find many articles with practical information about this subject at this website, as well as a book with instructions, information and guidance on how your thoughts create your reality.

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