Happiness Calmness

What Are the Best Ways to Be Happy?

The main aim of all people, even if they are not aware of it, is happiness. Why do people watch movies, go to shows, swim, dance, eat at restaurants or travel abroad? The reason is happiness. Everyone wants love in … Continue Reading

Choose Happiness

How to Choose Happiness and Avoid Unhappiness

You can choose to experience happiness every day. You can also choose to avoid frustration, anger and dissatisfaction, and make your life a pleasant and enjoyable trip. It might seem strange to you, but you are the one responsible for … Continue Reading

What Is Happiness

What Is Happiness – Definition and Meaning

If you ask people, what is happiness and what does it means to them, you will probably receive many different answers to your question. Some would say that happiness means being wealthy. Others would say that for them, it means … Continue Reading

Happiness Habits

8 Simple Habits for a Happier Life

We all want to have more happiness in our lives. However, we often encounter situations and events that do not allow us to be happy. We might face failure or rejection, have to deal with unpleasant or difficult people, work … Continue Reading


7 Persistent Myths that Could Destroy Your Happiness

It’s all wrong. You’ve been hunting happiness for years, but have only captured it for moments. You started out believing it would be wonderful, incredible, magical, but ended up finding it slippery, fleeting and ethereal. And now you’re wondering if … Continue Reading

Live a Happier Life

How to Live a Happier Life Instantly

A lot of my research has gone into happiness: how it happens, why it happens, and how to get it. When I was 23 I worked in a large corporation and I saw more unhappiness than anything else. That misery … Continue Reading

Internet Baby

The Internet Baby

Today’s kids are so skilled with computers and smartphones. You can see small children with smartphones, playing, surfing the Internet or texting with the fastness of light. They have been born into an age of fast technological progress, and it … Continue Reading

Clever Crow

Clever Crows Prove Aesop’s Fables

I went for a walk yesterday in the afternoon. As I was walking, I saw a crow flying with something big in its mouth. It landed not far from me on the pavement, and started walking toward a big puddle … Continue Reading