Creativity Quotes

Creativity Quotes that Awaken Inspiration and Bring Innovation

Reading quotes about creativity can spark the creative genius within you, awaken your imagination, and inspire you to think and act in new ways. Everyone has a certain talent in a certain field. You need to find this talent and use it creatively to improve your life and other people’s lives. Being creative is not confined to writing, painting and …

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Sunny Day Quotes

Sunny Day Quotes that Would Bring Sunshine into Your Day

Are you looking for sunny day quotes and sunshine quotes to brighten your day? Do you wish to bring sunshine into your life? You have come to the right place. We have produced and gathered for you best quotes to transform your days into happy days. The quotes you will find here are full of advice and tips to improve …

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Values Quotes

Values Quotes for Inspiration and Inner Strength

A collection of quotes about values. We respect people who have a clear set of values. These people are more true to their beliefs and their true essence, and show more inner strength than others. Someone possessing high ethical standards, and who adhere to values, earns the admiration of others. Standing up to your values is not always easy. Often, …

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Carl Jung Quotes

Carl Jung Quotes that Will Help You Understand Yourself

Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, who founded analytical psychology. Jung’s work has been influential in the fields of psychiatry, anthropology, literature, philosophy, psychology and religious studies. Carl Jung was born in Switzerland 1875 and passed away at the age of 85, in 1961. Carl Jung studied mythology and religion and traveled the world. He explored the …

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You Are Worth More

54 Inspirational Quotes on Knowing Your Worth

Acknowledging and knowing your worth, your abilities, and your talents can increase your self confidence and self-esteem. Here is a collection of nnow your worth quotes to help you increase your confidence and self-esteem. Does lack of self-esteem make you feel unworthy and unimportant? Do you feel that others are better than you? This is a purely subjective feeling. If …

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Falling in Love

Falling in Love and Being in Love Quotes to Warm Your Heart

Fascinating and exciting falling in love quotes and being in love quotes. Falling in love is one of most sought goals in the world. It is the desire to be in love with someone who loves you, and with whom you can share your life. It is said that it is one of the greatest happiness of life. Falling in …

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Accomplishment Quotes

Accomplishment Quotes for Ambition, Success and Achievement

We all want success. Some, accomplish great things, while other accomplish less spectacular success. Some, hardly achieve anything. Success is not only more money, a position and status. Success can also manifest as good, health, happiness and good relationships. It can manifest in sports, literature and meditation, not just in business. Feeling happy and satisfied, having love and health, and …

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Work Quotes

Motivational and Positive Work Quotes to Inspire Yourself

Inspire yourself with these work quotes, as well as other people who work with you. Use these quotes about work to motivate your colleagues, your employees, and the people who work for you. For example, you can choose one or a few of the quotes, to put on the walls of the office, shop or factory. There are days, we …

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Conscious Living Quotes

Conscious Living Quotes for a More Mindful Life

Reading conscious living quotes can transform the way you look at yourself and at your life. It would also change the way you interact with your environment. What does conscious living mean? It means being conscious and aware of yourself, your thoughts, the words you say, your actions and your reactions. It means choosing to be positive and optimistic, kind, …

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Family Quotes

Family Quotes and Sayings for Love and Better Relationships

Are you looking for great inspirational family quotes? Here are some beautiful family quotes, gathered from various sources. You will find here quotes about family love, short family quotes, and also funny and cute family quotes. Family is important to all people, even if sometimes there are misunderstandings, disputes and disagreements. Sometimes, the relationships within the family are complicated. There …

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