12 Microlearning Formats to Drive Continuous Learning

Investing in the employees’ learning and development is becoming an increasingly important part of an organization’s strategy and growth. Organizations must link learning practices with their corporate strategy to take full advantage of their investments in learning programs. These learning practices must concentrate on advancing and reinforcing employees’ knowledge to drive improvement for both them and the company. However, many …

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Stay Motivated When Studying

6 Ways to Stay Motivated When You’re Studying for an Important Exam

Studying is a natural part of a student’s life. It’s just a shame that reviewing your coursework is tortuous, especially if you have a family or a job. While we’d all rather be doing something else, these feelings or a lack of motivation shouldn’t stop us from doing what needs to get done. How to Stay Motivated When Studying for …

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Writing a Book

6 Rules to Remember When Writing a Book in a Plagiarism-Free Way

Introduction Plagiarism issues occur when a writer uses already published content without acknowledgment of the original author. Sometimes, writers don’t copy other people’s work deliberately. It just happens that their ideas are parallel to those shared by other content creators. Whichever may be the case, plagiarism can lead to legal consequences. It’s important to understand the techniques that help avoid …

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University Degree

Success Skills: How to Get a University Degree

While most of the richest people in the world are school dropouts, it doesn’t mean that you should follow the same path to achieve your goals. Having a college degree increases the chances of landing your dream job and advancing your career. To get good grades and a college degree, you’ll need to invest a lot of time and energy …

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Complicated Limits Problems

Why It Is Important to Study the Most Complicated Limits Problems

Math is one of the most important sciences. It develops our logical thinking, and helps to solve various life difficulties using internal analytics in a right way. However, many people don’t understand what impact math has on their lives. It is worth noting that in mathematics there are many different topics such as trigonometry or quadratic equations. Each of them …

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Learning a Foreign Language

5 Ways Learning a Foreign Language Will Make You Smarter

Although experts believe that half the world’s population is bilingual, only 20% of Americans can hold a conversation in a language other than English. One reason for this is how difficult learning a language can be for native monolinguals, especially as they reach adulthood. Despite these frustrations, Americans who can push on will see that it’s worth their time. Not …

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Creativity and Freewriting

How To Develop Your Creativity with Freewriting?

To go from a glimpse of an idea to a full book, script, or article, successful writers use several formats. Many authors use an outline, tack board cards, or lengthy written notes to keep themselves organized. Other authors, especially journalists, may collaborate with coworkers while drafting an article. Some writers choose to compose with no need for a rigid organization, …

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Writing Skills for Professional Life

Importance of Writing Skills for Academic and Professional Life

It is a common misconception that only students need to display good writing skills. We gain the most important knowledge and polish our writing capabilities during our student years. We should graduate from different educational institutions with the status of professionals. Although not everyone makes a writing career, the ability to express oneself thoughtfully, coherently, and logically can help you …

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Keep Their Mental Health Stable During Winter

12 Ways Students Can Keep Their Mental Health Stable During Winter

It is true, all living beings on Earth also go through various forms of changes along with the changing seasons. While summer and spring bring fruition and joy, autumn and winter can be the opposite. But people are all different. And, this rule doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. However, for most people, winters can be a lot more challenging to …

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