Obstacles to Concentration

Do you find it difficult to hold your attention fixed on one subject or thought longer than a few seconds, before getting distracted by other thoughts or sense impressions? There are several obstacles to concentration that everyone faces, but these obstacles can be surmounted.

What are the obstacles to concentration?

# Lack of enough willpower

# Lack of enough self discipline

# Impatience

# Undisciplined mind

# Too much interest in other thoughts

# Physical and mental restlessness

# Lack of understanding of what concentration is

# Inability to sit still

# Ill health

# Lack of motivation to improve the concentration

#  Too much stress and lack of enough rest

There are other obstacles to concentration, but these are the main ones.

In order to overcome these obstacles to concentration you need to develop and strengthen your willpower and self discipline through appropriate exercises.

You can find a few exercises here, or if you wish to gain real inner strength, please read, study and practice the exercises in the book Will Power and Self Discipline. Through these exercises you discipline your mind and thoughts and overcome impatience and restlessness.

Thinking often about the benefits of gaining the ability to concentrate and focus your mind can help too, as well as repeating affirmations about your desire to improve this ability. This will strengthen your motivation and desire, and help you overcome the obstacles on the way.

Practicing some physical exercises during the day, will improve your health and your ability to overcome physical restlessness. It is also important to learn to give yourself some rest during the day, and give yourself enough sleep at night.

Try to stay calm and relaxed during the day, no matter what happens.

Exhibiting some inner detachment would help. Don’t let yourself be too affected by what people say or do, and don’t let external influences affect your moods and state of mind.

If you let people and external events affect your moods and state of mind, how can you focus your mind when you need to? It is true, it might not be easy to get rid of this habit, but if you learn to be aware of this subconscious habit, you will gradually be able to weaken its affect on you.

Of course don’t forget that you also need to find some time every day to practice concentration exercises.

Hypnosis or listening to special CDs, might help and bring some quick results, but real and lasting results come through gradual work and by developing the mental muscles, and not through external means.

Gradual and conscious development, produce in the long run, better and enduring results. It is like taking hormones and pills to develop physical strength and muscles versus practicing actual physical exercises. It might take longer and requires some effort, but the rewards are great and worthwhile.

You can overcome the obstacles to concentration, if you really desire to do so. They won’t disappear overnight, but eventually, they will.

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