The Mental Diet – The Thinking Diet


In a previous article I wrote about the “News Diet”. In this articl,e I am writing about a similar, yet different topic, “The Mental Diet”.

You can eat indiscriminately, anything you find in your refrigerator, and you can exercise some control. In the same way, you may let every thought enter your mind freely, and you can supervise the thoughts that you think.

You may eat junk food, and you may eat healthy food. In the same way, you may think negative thoughts and you may think positive thoughts.

You can reduce the amount of food you eat, lose weight and shape your body, and you can also reject certain thoughts and encourage other, more motivating and positive thoughts.

You can follow a certain diet, and eat certain foods in certain quantities at certain times. Similarly, you can follow a mental diet, rejecting negative thoughts and too much overthinking, calming your mind, and strengthening it.

You can take care to avoid unhealthy or fattening foods, and you can also take care of what you think, what you put into your mind.

You may fill your mind with thoughts from morning till night, as most people do, or you can choose to give your mind some rest. You can choose to follow a “Mental Diet” and reduce your overthinking and mental restlessness.

There is a diet related to eating, and there is a diet related to thinking.

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How to implement a “Mental Diet”?

  1. Try to be more aware of your thoughts.
  2. Now and then, ask yourself whether the thoughts you are thinking are useful and can help you in anything.
  3. Acknowledge the fact that you can choose your thoughts. Thinking is usually an automatic process, but with more awareness of what is going in your mind, and with some self-discipline, you will be able to reduce the time spent on unnecessary thoughts.
  4. Try to choose your thoughts, and reject thoughts that cause strain, stress and unhappiness. This might not be simple and easy, therefore, don’t be frustrated if you fail over and gain. Keep trying, and you will gradually develop this skill.
  5. Your mental diet should not include thoughts of anger, resentment and envy.
  6. Your mental diet should also keep you away from thoughts about the past, and fears about the future.
  7. One of the main tools of the “Mental Diet” is concentration. By improving your concentration you gain the inner strength necessary to focus your mind on the thoughts of your choice. Well-developed concentration enables you to ignore thoughts that you do not want.

Mental diet can lead to reducing the mental noise, and gaining inner peace, mental focus, and mental mastery.

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