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How to Encourage Yourself to Read More Books This 2023

Read More Books

More than just a fundamental aspect of literacy taught to us at an early age, reading is a life skill that remains essential even in adulthood.

No matter how old you are, it is through reading that you learn new things about yourself, other people, and the world around you.

Aside from cultivating other life skills such as creativity, empathy, and critical thinking, research suggests that reading books also has numerous health benefits. For starters, reading is a cognitive activity that improves brain function even as you age.

Regarding mental well-being, reading has also been shown to increase mindfulness and feelings of optimism while alleviating stress and loneliness.

Despite the significance of reading in health and quality of life, many adults can take it for granted due to their fast-paced lifestyles and increasing responsibilities.

Fortunately, there are many ways to encourage yourself to read and, thus, check more books off your list this year. Here are some of them.

Set a Specific Goal

Developing your reading habits starts with goal-setting. Be specific with your benchmarks, whether it’s about getting through 50 pages a day or finishing one book per week.

But remember to also be realistic and consider your current reading habits. For example, if you know you’ve been slacking off on reading for the past few months, starting small might be a better idea. Choose a novella or a short-story collection, then spend a specific part of each day focusing on your chosen book.

Track Your Progress

It also helps to create a log to keep track of books you’ve read, are currently reading, and want to read. This way, you also get to zero in on what works for you and what doesn’t, in terms of genre, book length, or reading schedule.

While you can start a log with a spreadsheet or a journal, you can also utilize comprehensive reading trackers like StoryGraph. By signing up for an account on the mobile or web-based app, you can receive recommendations, browse popular reads, join reading challenges, and share your ratings and reviews with fellow readers.

Ensure Comfort While Reading

As a visually demanding activity, reading can strain your eyes after prolonged periods or make it difficult to focus on the text.

Whether you read physical or electronic books, it’s thus advisable to use reading glasses to avoid overexerting your eyes and improve clarity, especially if your vision is declining due to age.

Your choice of glasses doesn’t have to be purely functional, too. You can select specific frame designs and materials from popular brands like Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Kate Spade to read fashionably and comfortably.

Although you can read anytime and anywhere, there is nothing like curling up with a good book at home.

Consider setting up a reading nook with a comfortable chair like the Jummico Recliner, as it’s an affordable choice with a thick cushion, wide seat, and adjustable footrest.

Overall, prioritizing comfort makes you enjoy and look forward to more reading sessions.

Stay Focused

A critical factor in progressing through your reading list is undivided attention. So, it helps to remove all kinds of distractions, from turning off your mobile notifications to being in a conducive environment that allows you to focus on every word on the page.

Some ways to make your space more reading-friendly involve using yellow light to increase alertness and playing some white noise to relax your mind.

You may also try different formats to figure out what holds your attention the longest.

For instance, the scent of paper pages may captivate you and keep you hooked throughout the book.

Meanwhile, others may find comfort in the digital screens of e-book readers since it prevents them from checking their phones or laptops from time to time. The key is to find what works best for you and your headspace.

Seek a Reading Community

Lastly, being surrounded by a community of fellow readers can boost your enthusiasm and engagement with reading. It could come in the form of a monthly book club with in-person meetings where you share your favorite parts and discuss significant themes.

Alternatively, online platforms like Facebook and Goodreads allow you to post updates about your current read or simply share author and title recommendations with anyone from anywhere in the world.

What matters is you can make reading a less solitary, more communal experience, ultimately holding you accountable to your reading list and expanding your mind with diverse perspectives.

As you go through these tips, remember that it all boils down to finding fun and enjoyment in reading. If a book simply doesn’t suit your tastes, don’t hesitate to move onto the next so you don’t find yourself in a slump. Good luck!