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What Is Inspiration and Where to Find It: A Guide for Creatives

Guide for Creatives

Creators of all types often find themselves stuck and uninspired. Creating day after day requires a lot of resources; however, inspiration is not limitless. When faced with a creative block, remember that inspiration is all around us, waiting to be discovered. You just need to know where to look for it.

In this article, you’ll explore what inspiration is and how it can be found. From browsing Depositphotos top design magazine picks to reading inspiring life stories, there are countless ways to spark creativity and find inspiration. Keep reading to find yours!

How to Find Creative Inspiration: 9 Promising Ways

1. Visit an Aesthetically Pleasing Environment

Artistic inspiration can be found in many places. However, visiting an aesthetically pleasing environment can help spark new ideas faster. Look for inspiration in places related to nature, such as a botanical garden, flower shop, or oceanarium. Or, visit an art gallery, dance center, coffee shop, bookstore, pottery studio, library, museum, fashion store, or any place that stimulates your senses and inspires you.

FAQ: How can you find art inspiration?

In order to find art inspiration and avoid artist’s block, creators must expose themselves to many sources of inspiration. From studying the history of different artistic movements to wandering in the local park and people-watching on the streets, there are countless ways to spark creativity and get new ideas.

2. Create a Mood Board

If you gather various visual elements that inspire you, like your favorite paintings, designs, photography, art quotes, color palettes, and typography, you can end up with a mood board. It often serves as a visual representation of your creative vision and can be used for your new art project.

Digital platforms like Pinterest, Behance, and VistaCreate are great tools for creating and curating mood boards online. However, you can also use an old-school technique of cutting out visuals from design, travel, and fashion magazines and physically arranging them on a cork or poster board.

3. Read the Life story of Someone You Look up to

Although you can read a book about inspiration, there’s another way to get a little inspiration kick. Read the autobiography of your favorite artist, producer, writer, musician, designer, or any creative person you look up to.

Learning about the life story of someone you admire can provide valuable insight into your creative process. Plus, the obstacles they faced along the way, as well as their triumphs, can inspire you in your own work.

4. Watch an Inspiring TED Talk

Another source of motivation and creative inspiration can be a TED talk. From leading architects and scientists to artists and entrepreneurs, TED talks cover a wide range of topics that can reignite your creativity and imagination.

Some of the user favorites are “Why art thrives at Burning Man”, “Underwater astonishments”, “Public art that turns cities into playgrounds of the imagination”, “We should all be feminists”, and “The surprising habits of original thinkers”. Spare some time to watch one of these talks and allow yourself to be inspired by the new, unique perspectives.

5. Explore New Places

What could be more inspiring and eye-opening than traveling to a new destination?

A new place, culture, or experience can boost your creativity in ways you never thought possible. Great architecture, urban street art, and breathtaking nature can contribute to your art or photography inspiration.

Moreover, you will have time to reflect on life and generate new ideas while traveling. Alone time in a car, train, or plane can give you the space and quiet you need to let your thoughts wander.

Solitude can also allow you to immerse yourself in the present moment, free yourself from distractions, and fully appreciate the beauty around you.

FAQ: What is inspiration in life?

Inspiration in life can come from various sources, such as nature, art, relationships, emotions, or personal experiences. It is often described as a feeling of motivation, passion, or drive to pursue our goals and dreams. Finding inspiration can help a person move forward in their journey of personal growth.

6. Start a Conversation with a Stranger

Although it often feels like Russian roulette, starting a conversation with a stranger can have positive outcomes. Most likely, you won’t make a new friend. However, you can get inspired by a new interesting character.

You also never know what kind of wisdom or insight someone else may have to offer. So, next time you find yourself in a social setting, take a chance and see where the conversation leads you.

7. Read a Design Magazine

To stimulate your imagination and see what’s possible in the world of art, photography, and design, read a creative magazine. You can find inspiration in magazines like Aperture, TYPEONE, Mold, Idea, Creative Review, and Slanted. These can provide you with a wealth of inspiration, new perspectives, and creative ideas.
However, you can also search for curated lists of journals from industry professionals. For example, Depositphotos posted a nice selection of design issues on their blog. Check it out for even more quality recommendations.

FAQ: What does creative inspiration mean?

When describing creative inspiration, people often refer to the striking idea that drives the creation of new works of art, be it music, literature, or visual arts. It can come from many sources, both internal and external. However, creative inspiration often stems from a deep passion for a craft and a desire for self-expression.

8. Learn Something New

One can also draw inspiration from a new activity or hobby that is not necessarily related to art. As such, you can learn how to grow plants, try your hand at cooking different cuisines, or even learn a new language.

If you want to explore more art-related experiences, dive into sewing, knitting, pottery, makeup, or playing a new musical instrument. By mastering one of these skills, you’ll find a new outlet for your artistic expression.

9. Read an Inspiring Blog

Last but not least, you can read a blog for creatives. The Depositphotos blog, It’s Nice That, Colossal, and Creative Boom are full of art inspiration, tips, ideas, and even opportunities for aspiring creators.

There, artists share their own experiences and techniques, which can be incredibly helpful for anyone looking to expand their artistic horizons. In addition, these creative outlets publish design trends and creative reports that can help you stay on top of the latest visual trends.

Closing Notes

The importance of inspiration for creatives cannot be overstated. It can fuel one’s imagination and lead to the creation of something completely new and unique. So, always try to be on the lookout for different sources of inspiration in life.

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