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Are You Aware of the World Around You?

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Are you aware of the world around you?

Are you aware of what is happening around you? Most people are too focused on themselves, on their thoughts, desires or smartphone.

Do you constantly think of your problems and worries? Do you constantly think about your plans and goals and on what you want to do or achieve? Are you often busy thinking about what people said or did? You need to stop all this, because you are missing the beautiful world around you.

I rarely see people raising their head up and looking at the moon or the stars. When was the last time you looked at the beautiful sky at night, or noticed how the moon looks on different nights? When was the last time you saw the sun setting or rising?

Did you ever stop to look at the upper stories of buildings or their roofs? When walking outside, do you notice the trees, the flowers or the buildings around you?

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I suggest that every now and then you stop what you are doing and look at the world around you.

  • For a little while, stop dwelling on problems and difficulties.
  • For a few moments, leave your thoughts and look around you.
  • Occasionally, stop looking at the screen of your smartphone and notice what is happening around you.

As a child, you were probably more aware of the world, but as time passes, due to life’s conditions, you stop to look around you. In time, this becomes a habit. You need to undo this habit. This would bring more joy into your life.

Why people are not aware of the world around them? Too much thinking, dwelling on the past and on problems, too much egocentricity, being too busy, and the habit of constantly looking at the screen of the smartphone are the main reasons.

Why is it important to be aware of the world around you?

  • When you learn to look around you, life becomes more interesting, because you discover a new and fascinating world around you, which you have stopped noticing a long time ago.
  • You discover opportunities that you would have not seen.
  • You become aware of the people around you, of how they think and what they feel, and this can help you improve your relations with them.
  • You do your job better and with fewer errors.
  • You become aware and enjoy beautiful landscapes, nature, flowers, trees and the changing colors of the sky at sunset and sunrise.
  • You feel more connected to life and the forces of nature.
  • You feel a sense of wider awareness, deeper comprehension, and a sense of being more alive.

You are limiting your life when you are focused only on yourself and on your affairs. You miss opportunities and limit your awareness.

Stop living in small and limited world. Try to adopt a wider viewpoint, be more tolerant and more aware of the world around you.

A Few Tips

  1. Occasionally, stop what you are doing and look at what is happening around you.
  2. When walking in the street, look at the people, and notice what they are wearing and how they walk. Look at the window shops, the buildings and the cars.
  3. When someone talks, listen to him or her.
  4. Always try to see a wider picture, look at life from a wider perspective, and don’t be afraid of new ideas and new activities.
  5. Learning to focus your mind and striving to calm down its constant chatter, would work wonders, giving you control of your mind, thoughts and attention. This will make it easier to direct your attention where you want. When the mind become calm, the five senses get sharper, comprehension becomes faster, and you see the world from a wider perspective.
Calm Down the Chatter of Your MindPin
Calm Down the Restlessness and Nonstop Chatter of Your Mind
Discover how to stop overthinking, free yourself from nonstop thinking, and enjoy inner peace.

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“In today’s rush, we all think too much, seek too much, want too much, and forget about the joy of just being.”
– Eckhart Tolle

“Mindful and creative, a child who has neither a past, nor examples to follow, nor value judgments, simply lives, speaks and plays in freedom.”
– Arnaud Desjardins

“Just being aware of what you are about to do greatly diminishes the tendency to do what you don’t want to. You will pull your hand back from that pizza slice, tell the waitress that you are passing on dessert, put on your gym shoes instead of going under the comforter, and take several deep breaths instead of screaming at your daughter.”
– Srikumar Rao

“Always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart.”
– Phil Jackson