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It Pays to Pray: How Meditation Cards Lead to Mindfulness

Meditation Cards

If you’re like most meditation newbies, you probably get distracted. We don’t blame you. It’s deceptively hard to clear your mind or pay attention to your breath. Instead of forcing it, you could try adding meditation cards to your mindfulness practice, but what exactly are they?

What Are Meditation Cards?

Meditation or mindfulness cards offer exercises or positive statements that help you focus on a concept you’d want to meditate on.

Mindfulness cards often contain a single word, like “Breath” or “Energy,” followed by a paragraph that expands on the definition of the word and its meaning.

You can also find prayer cards for sale if you prefer to focus on a specific quote or passage. On the other hand, you could take a less structured approach if you want to use tarot cards. Each card could represent something in your life that’s bothering you or that you want to improve.

How To Use Mindfulness Cards

There aren’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to using meditation cards. You’ll know you’re using medication cards correctly when you find a method that helps you the most.

Before you start meditating, ask yourself if you want to fish out the card you want or pick at random.

We recommend picking at random if you’re not sure what to focus on, but it’s also a good idea to look through your deck so you’re familiar with each card. This gives you a list of topics you can think about during your practice.

You can choose to leave the card face up or face down.

With that in mind, use these tips the first few times you use mindfulness cards:

  • Keep your mindfulness deck where you can see it.
  • Draw a card first thing in the morning and keep it visible.
  • Light a fragrant candle before choosing the card.
  • Try another deck if your first one doesn’t offer a variety.
  • Exercise patience and try to keep the mantra in your head.

After picking a card, consider closing your eyes and reflecting on its meaning before meditating.

How Meditation Cards Can Enhance Your Practice

Meditation Cards Can Start a Dialogue

We don’t often realize how much something is affecting us until it’s pointed out.

Daily meditation is helpful, but it won’t always lead to those “aha” moments. You need guided meditation, either through voice or cards, to find those thoughts and feelings that stay hidden from sight.

After confronting an emotional moment, ask yourself if you want to start a dialogue with the people who affected you. In the end, meditation cards can be a great decision-making tool.

Meditation Cards Help You Stay Focused

Your mind tends to wander as you meditate, which can make you frustrated. With that said, meditation cards alone won’t improve your focus unless you set a timer.

We aren’t always aware that we’re distracted, but a loud sound can signal us to open our eyes and look at the card.

Remember that this is temporary. As you continue to practice, you’ll be able to remember your meditation card or topic of choice. You should still keep the card near you for inspiration.

Meditation Cards are a Part of Self-Care

Many of us start a meditation practice for self-care, but people who are new to meditation often beat themselves up when they aren’t good at it.

We all struggle to meditate when we first start, but the benefits are worth the hard work. Meditation cards can cut down on expelled effort.

With a card in front of you, it’s easier to find topics your mind can fixate on. This helps you push past one of the hardest parts of meditation. Now, you can focus on relieving your anxiety.

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