Relaxing Your Mind with Water Meditation

Water Meditation by the Sea

In this post we will speak about water meditation.

Do you sometimes feel troubled, unhappy or restless?

Are you looking for a simple solution to relax?

One of the ways is to practice water meditation.

How to Practice Water Meditation

Depending on where you live, go out and sit in a quiet place on the shore of a lake, by the sea, or on the bank of a river.

You can sit on a bench, if there is one, on a rock, or on the floor.

For a few minutes, just watch the water, the waves, or the ripples. You do not need to do anything else. Just enjoy the quietness, and continue watching calmly the water.

This action, and the environment, will bring calmness and peace into your mind.

Sitting on the shore of lake, on the beach, or on the bank of a river, and watching the water and the movement of the waves, has a relaxing effect on the mind.

This act, clears the mind from unwanted thoughts, and creates a sense of peace.

Actually, this is a sort of meditation. It is water meditation.

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Detailed Instructions for Practicing Water Meditation

You can take advantage of the relaxing effect of water as described below.

Detailed instructions on how to practice the relaxing water meditation:

1) Find a quiet spot on the shore of a lake, the bank of a river, or on the beach by the sea.

2) Sit comfortably on a bench, a rock, or on the ground.

3) Relax any tensed muscles.

4) Watch the water, the waves or the ripples, calmly, and without focusing on anything in particular. Just look at the water and enjoy the peace and the calmness.

5) Every time you find yourself thinking about other matters, immediately bring your mind back to watching the water.

6) Continue watching the water for about 10 minutes.

Practicing this technique does not require effort. It is actually a sort of mental and physical relaxation.

Meditation Brings Calmness into Your Life

This meditation clears the mind of unwanted and disturbing thoughts, and brings poise, calmness and happiness each time you practice it.

Every time you practice this water meditation, you will discover that your mind and your body are becoming relaxed.

You would find it beneficial, whenever you have some problems or thoughts bothering you.

If you are living near a body of water, practice this water meditation once a day, on a regular basis. It would bring calmness and inner peace into your life.

If there is no sea, lake or river where you live, you can watch a video with an image of water, and with water sounds. This would not be the same as real water, but it can be a good aid for relaxing and rejuvenating the mind, body and emotions.

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