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3 Low-Key Networking Tips for Introverts

Networking Tips for Introverts

Contrary to popular belief, introverts are amazing communicators. However, we don’t do well with crowds or networking events where we’re surrounded by strangers. That’s because most introverts love one-on-one deep conversations and feel drained whenever they have to focus on more people at once (group settings).

That’s also why we introverts don’t enjoy group chats – it’s almost impossible to form any type of genuine connection when there are such few opportunities for a meaningful exchange. And yes, we’re not keen on small talk either.

So, is there any hope for the introverts of the world, or are we forever sentenced to the confines of our home offices with our cats and dogs? To be honest, this doesn’t sound that bad; however, we need human connection, so here are a few ways to get it as an introvert:

1. Use Social Media Platforms

When used right, social media platforms are amazing for creating new connections. For one, you can use these channels to turn your passion into a career prospect by publishing your work. This works well if you are a designer, a painter, a musician, a writer, and so on.

Introverts have incredibly rich inner worlds and do their best work when they’re alone with their passion. This is why so many famous artists are hardcore introverts, regardless of how they may look in the public eye. However, the reason why they’re famous is that they found a way to share their work with the world.

This is where social media channels fit right in.

2. Stay Present Via Other Means

We live in a world where you become easily forgettable the moment you step out of the spotlight. This is troublesome for introverts who don’t even like the spotlight that much. The good news is that you can still use traditional methods to connect with other people and stay in their field of view.

Here are a few ideas:

Send Emails & Texts

Written communication is a bit easier, especially when you’re first getting to know the person, so try to stay on their radar by sending emails and texts. Use a friendly tone, but make sure you stay professional.

Send Unique Greeting Cards You’ve Designed Yourself

You can show your quirky side and promote your skills by sending out cute greeting cards to new members of the team. The great thing is you can use the BeFunky card maker to speed things up.

Participate in Group Chats

You don’t have to initiate the conversation, but if you are part of a group chat and you see a discussion going on, see if you can contribute. It helps you stay involved, and it reminds people that you’re around.

3. Learn to Initiate Meaningful Conversations

Let’s face it – introverts are awkward when it comes to small talk.

That’s because it doesn’t produce any value for us, so there’s no reason to learn how to do it right. But you don’t have to if you learn how to invite people for a meaningful conversation.

The best way to do so is by telling people what you’d love to chat about. You can do this online by adding this tidbit of information to your profile or as a heading in group chats.

At in-person events, use a small sign to indicate your favorite topics of conversation. This way, anyone interested will initiate the conversation and skip the small talk.

Wrap Up

Being an introvert in a world led by extroverts can be challenging, but you can still do things your way. You just have to find the right way to tell people what you like and want. It will take a bit of experimenting, but in the end, you’ll emerge stronger and more confident.

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