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How to Rebuild Your Life from Scratch

Rebuild Your Life

Life is strange. Perhaps in your childhood or adolescence, you had a perfect plan for how your life is going to pan out. You dreamed how by your 20’s you will figure out your career path and by 30’s you will settle down and start a family.

However, life is not a straight road; it is full of detours, dead ends, and roads under construction.

You build your plans on the false premises, unqualified opinions, and just plain disinformation.

The world economy is rapidly changing, new technologies transform our way of life, entire industries vanish, and prosperous regions plummet into stagnation.

It is possible that your whole life and education was preparing you for a career that will evaporate in a matter of years.

You can feel frustrated, mislead and disillusioned, but those feelings are not productive.

How to Rebuild Your Life from Scratch

Sometimes you need to start your life from scratch. It is a painful transition, and you need to think it through carefully. There are a couple of tricks up my sleeve that can help you out.

Accept Responsibility

There is a fundamental difference between blaming yourself and taking responsibility for your life.

Blame is filling your mind with anxiety and insecurity. It paralyzes you and makes you look back every step of the way. It doesn’t bring value to your life.

In contrast, taking responsibility is a proactive approach. You accept responsibilities for the mess you created; it induces self-reflection.

Responsibility generates sediments of wisdom out of any failure. It helps you to understand your actions, your strength, and weakness. It empowers you to grow, learn and power through.

Taking responsibility means taking control over your life. You are the only one responsible for your happiness.

The best theoretical framework that can help you to shift from blame to responsibility is Positive Psychology.

Change the Scenery

Sometimes, when you feel stuck, change of place is the best option. Moving to a different location can take you away from toxic relationships or unpleasant environment.

Changing the neighborhood is not enough. Ideally, you should move to a different city or state. It will allow you to explore a new place and discover new things to do.

Moving closer to an ocean, to a town like Miami, will give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy surfing, fishing, boating, or just strolling the beach. Ocean cities are famous tourist destinations and great places to find friends from all over the world.

Don’t contemplate this decision for too long, only find apartments for rent in Miami and board the plane.

If you don’t like tanning, you can explore Historic Northern cities, such as Boston. It is a great place to explore US cultural heritage and its vibrant history. It is a vast region to go apple picking in spring, attend pumpkin patch in fall or ski in the nearby mountain in winter.

This region has a distinct local culture and unique atmosphere. High concentration of universities will embed you into the intellectually stimulating environment.

You don’t need to make a commitment and settle there permanently. A couple of months in the new place will clear your head, let you meet new people and expand your horizons. Look for apartments for rent in Boston with utilities included. It is very likely that you will want to stay there forever.

Find Your Passion

If you have lost the sense of meaning in your life or struggling to find your place in the world, it is possible that you still haven’t discovered your real passion.

Most of the jobs are boring, mundane and redundant. If you don’t have a clear professional motivation in your career, you are prone to depression.

Your dissatisfaction may arise from the toxic work environment, bad company or incorrectly chosen college major. Regardless of the facts that lead you to this situation you need to get out and find something that will get you excited.

The job is a significant part of our life, and it is unwise to waste it on something you don’t enjoy. Job consumes sensible part of your time, effort and health. You should spend it on something you find worthy.

Discovering your true passion will fill your life with meaning and the sense of direction. It will inspire and motivate you.

Pursue your dream and build a career out of it. In the modern internet-fueled economy, any hobby can be turned into a paying job.

You need to find a goal that will keep you awake at night. One of the most helpful books in discovering your true calling is The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Ken Robinson.

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