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What Is Positivity – Definitions and Meaning


What does positivity mean? When you define a term, word or expression, it becomes easier to understand.

Let’s define what positivity is.

Definitions and Meaning of Positivity

Positivity means thinking in an optimistic way, looking for solutions, expecting good results and success, and focusing and making life happier. It is a happy and worry-free state of mind, which looks at the bright side of life.

Positivity means a positive frame of mind.

  • With this frame of mind, you do not take things too personally.
  • You enjoy the present moment.
  • You do not worry about the future.
  • You focus on doing and achieving, not on thinking about the past and about difficulties.
  • It means a state of being a happy, tolerant and good-natured.

Collins dictionary defines it as “The state or quality of being positive”.

Cambridge dictionary defines it as “the quality of having a positive attitude”.

Positivity and Your Emotions

The emotions associated with positivity are joy, love and inspiration. A person possessing this state of mind chooses constructive and good feelings and emotions, and tries to avoid the negative and unhappy feelings.

This might not be easy at first, but with a little training, it becomes possible.

Positivity and Your Thoughts

The thoughts associated with positivity are thoughts of courage, self-esteem and certainty, and thoughts of success, courage and self-esteem.

The mind of such a person chooses to think in terms of “I can”, “It is possible”, “I am doing my best to improve myself and my life”.


More about Positivity and a Positive Frame of Mind

Being positive does not mean ignoring difficulties and bad experiences. It means acknowledging them, learning from them, doing better, and using the knowledge gained to improve.

With this state of mind, though you might experience negative emotions and go through unpleasant experiences, you will not lose your spirit or give up.

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It is important that you strive to experience more positive than negative thoughts and emotions. The ratio should be in favor of positivity, not negativity.

Life is such that we often hear negative stories and negative news. If we let them seep into our conscious mind and into our subconscious mind, we are allowing negativity to rule our life. This happens often, because of the negative information that finds its way into our mind, and which we encounter in daily life, on TV, the newspapers and the Internet. We should resist this negative information and let it take over our mind, feelings and life.

Negative news sells, and that is why we encounter negative news so often and in so many places. Negative news awakens emotions of anger and fear, which are powerful emotions. If we allow these emotions to arise in us, they soon grow into huge snowballs that affect our life and the life of the people around us.

Negative thoughts and emotions are contagious. We have to resist them and stay away from them.

I am not telling you to avoid listening, reading or watching the news. I am telling you to reduce your intake of it and take care that it does not affect your state of mind. You should not let it fill your mind. Instead, fill your mind with positivity, with positive thoughts and positive emotions.

How to Increase Positivity in Your Life

You need to make efforts to increase positivity in your life, in order to counteract negativity. A little more optimism, love, and happy thoughts, would help you in this respect. Do something useful each day, to improve your life and the lives of other people. All this, will contribute to a steady growth of positivity in your life.

Each evening, sit down and think what kind of thoughts and emotions you experienced this day? Were there more positive or negative thoughts and emotions? Think what you can do tomorrow to increase positivity in your life.

As you fill your day with more constructive, optimistic and happy thoughts and emotions, and do beneficial actions to make life better every day, you will understand more what positivity is and how to increase it in your life.

I have written a great deal about this topic in my other articles about positivity.

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You will find in this little book guidance for making positive thinking a reality in your life. You will also learn how to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, and bring optimism, happiness and joy into your life.

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