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Free Thinking Quotes to Make Your Mind Free

Free Thinking Quotes

What is free thinking?

Free thinking is the ability, confidence, and lack of fear to think your own thoughts and have your own opinions.

Free thinking is not just the freedom to think and believe what you want. It is much more than that, and this is the topic of this article.

Thinking your own thoughts, not following the herd, and being unique are some characteristics of free thinking.

A free thinker is a person who does not allow people and circumstances to shape his or her mind, opinions, and thoughts.

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A free thinker does not accept every thought and opinion without thinking about it first.

There’s another important meaning to free thinking. It is the ability to be free from nonstop and uncontrollable thinking. It means being able to calm down the mind and reject the thoughts that you do not want.

Below, you will find various quotes, suggestions, and advice to free and calm your mind. You can find more information about making your mind free and calm in our book Calm Down the Nonstop Chatter of Your Mind.

Free Thinking Quotes and Freedom from Thinking Quotes

Free thinking quotes that will make you and your mind free.

“Ask yourself often, why do I have to think like other people think?”

“People who express their thoughts aggressively are not necessarily right.”

“If something appeared in a newspaper, magazine, or on TV, it does not mean that it is always true.”

“What other think do not determine who I am.”

“I am not bound by other people’s thoughts and opinions.”

“It requires inner strength not to respond to everything people say.”

“You let people control you and play with your ropes when you respond with anger to ideas that you do not accept. Staying calm, without the need to respond, shows inner strength and being a free person.”

“People with self-confidence are not afraid of what others think.”

“You don’t need to be part of the collective mindset. You can create different thoughts and ideas.”

“What seems true for someone doesn’t mean that it has to be true for you.”

“A great number of people blend with the group that they feel they are part of. They do not show individuality.”

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“When you get angry at someone, you lose your freedom. You allow the other person to control your feelings.”

“When you say ‘I do what I want, ‘I do what pleases me to do,’ do you do what you really and truly want, or follow some outside thoughts, which are not your own thoughts, but which you think are your own?”

“Do you control your mind, or does it control you?”

“A free mind is a tranquil mind, free from the compulsion of nonstop thinking.”

“A free mind is free to think on any topic, without fear and limitations.”

Inspirational Quotes about Free Thinking

“Your mind is an inseparable part of the Cosmos. You are one with the Universe.”

“Freethinkers are those who think without prejudice, and who do not the fear to learn things that are not in accordance with their own customs, way of life or beliefs.”

“Imagination can take you far away, to new worlds, above the clouds, and the sky.”

“You can produce positive thoughts or negative thoughts. This depends on how your mind is programmed, but you can change its programming and think positive thoughts.”

“A free thinker goes beyond believing and is not tied to beliefs or traditions.”

“If you wish to be a free thinker, you need to go beyond your mental programming and not be a cog in the group mind.”

“An open mind accepts the possible and the impossible and sees things from a larger point of view.”

“Freedom from compulsive thinking is an important step toward real freedom.”

“Listening without judgment and criticism might be difficult, but this is one of the important characteristics of free thinkers.”

“Free thinkers do not allow the news and the media to shape their opinions and beliefs.”

“Free thinkers do not allow people and outside circumstances to affect how they think and how they feel.”

“Blind obedience blocks progress, opportunities, and living a bigger life.”

“Freedom from blind obedience opens your mind to greater truths and expands the reach of your mind.”

“Breaking free from delusions, limiting thinking, and limiting beliefs, expands the limits of your mind.”

“Free thinking means thinking and living beyond limiting thoughts, limiting beliefs, and limiting ideas.”

“Let your mind soar above limitation, limiting beliefs, and limited thinking.”

Freedom from Thinking Quotes

“Tranquility and serenity are the outcomes of a mind free of accepting and following every thought that pops up.”

“Let go of the ropes that bind your mind.”

“If you accept everything other people think, where is your freedom?”

“You make progress when you let go of your limiting thoughts, fears, and doubts.”

“You become free when you stop taking things personally.”

“It is within your reach to free yourself from habitual thinking.”

“A person with a free mind can remain free of thoughts, live in peace and tranquility, fully conscious and aware. One of the was to gain this state of mind is by practicing meditation.”

“A certain degree of detachment from your mind would take you a far away, toward inner peace and tranquility.”

“Thoughts come and go all the time. There is no need to accept and think every thought.”

With a little effort and training, you can become the master of your mind and your thoughts. You can rise above the programming of the mind and become free to think or not to think.

You can learn to choose your thoughts and reject the ones you do not want. However, this requires some effort. Are you willing to make the effort and become the master of your thoughts? Do you wish to be able to stop restless thinking and live a more calm and happy life?

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