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Are You Aware of the Life Force within You?

Life Force

There is a power plant that supplies electricity to the whole town.

The electricity that flows from the power plant goes to all the buildings in the city and supplies the necessary energy to an endless number of electrical instruments.

It is the same electric power that flows to all the buildings. The same electricity powers your TV, stove, radio, dishwasher or refrigerator.

There are no “different kinds of electricity”. There is just one undivided power flowing from the electric plant through all the wires to the various instruments. Without this electric power, all the instruments will not work and would be useless.

It is the same with the life force, the energy of life or Spirit, which powers and gives life to everything in the Universe. It’s the same life force. Not many life forces.

The various electrical instruments are made of more or less similar materials, but they look different from one another and have different purposes.

However, it is the same energy that flows through them and makes them function. The same power makes the radio talk, the TV shows, movies, and the washing machine wash clothes.

It is the same with the life force that gives life to everything. There are different people, different animals, and different plants and trees, but the same life force flows through all of them and gives them life.

This means that there is unity in the Universe. It means there is one life force, which people call by different names. They give it various labels and descriptions, but it is the same power.

Are you aware of the life force that is flowing within you? This life force is not just flowing through you. It is you. You are part of it.

The Life Force Is One and Undividable

People have different ideas about this life force and even fight other people who call the same force with a different name. This is just a matter of semantics and misunderstanding, but it often leads to hate and wars.

This life force is one and undividable, existing everywhere: in specks of dust, in pebbles, in flowers, animals, people, planets, and galaxies.

This life force or energy is like the ocean, which is immense and undividable. As the ocean is one body of water, so is the life force, one ocean of energy. It is the same power that exists everywhere and within everything.

This life force or energy is like the electricity that flows from the power plant. There are no “various kinds of electricity”, but just one body of electricity flowing from the power plant.

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People Tend to Divide into Groups

Imagine that all the smartphones of one brand start fighting the smartphones of other brands, all washing machines of one brand fight the washing machines of different brands, and all white light bulbs fight all yellow light bulbs.

Imagine that these smartphones, washing machines, and light bulbs are programmed to behave in a particular manner, and they oppose and fight the others. Isn’t it ridiculous? Yet, people behave in this way.

People with similar thoughts, beliefs, and likes gravitate toward each other and unite, and often oppose and even fight groups with different thoughts, beliefs, and likes.

People tend to join groups based on similar beliefs and aims. That’s okay and normal. However, when they do not tolerate other groups and fight them, this shows that they are unaware of the common source, the life force that unites them all.

This is why we have different nations, different religions, different political parties, different groups, and fans of football teams, actors, and singers. Yet, it is the same life force flowing through each one, giving life and awareness.

The Programmed Mind

Though the same life force flows through each person, every person acts and behaves differently due to the programming of the mind.

This programming starts from the moment of birth and is not a conscious act. The environment, circumstances, parents, teachers, friends, and many other factors shape it.

This programming sets the mind to think in a particular manner, love or dislike certain things, and possess certain beliefs.

Yet, despite all the differences, the same life force flows through them all.

To be conscious of this life force, to raise awareness beyond the differences, and to see life from a broad perspective is an important goal, though few people seek it. This is the aim of spiritual awakening: to rise above differences and misunderstandings and become conscious of who we are.

Think often of this life force. Feel it within you. It is not a personal power, though we tend to personalize it. It is a power that exists everywhere and in everything.

If you think and meditate about this life force and try to be aware of it, you will feel more powerful, whole, and happy. You will discover that problems, obstacles, and the things people say or do stop disturbing your peace and happiness.

This way, you “unprogram” your mind and set it free from labels and erroneous concepts.

As you become more aware of this vast, Omnipresent and Omnipotent power, life force energy, your consciousness and awareness will expand beyond the little ego. You will see life from a broader perspective.

Seeing things from a broader perspective will help you understand many things in life, sharpen your intuition and common sense, and bring calmness and inner peace into your life.