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How to Be Successful and Happy in a Lifetime

How to Be Successful and Happy

Let’s face it.

We, people, are simple souls with big dreams. We want to achieve our goals, do what we love, become successful and live a happy life. We want freedom and value, to help people to change from the inside out and for them to achieve their dreams.

It’s our heart’s desire, a dream that deserves to come true. But still, a part of you might be wondering.

Will it ever come true? Will everything ever go as planned?

As a kid, I often set my plans for how I was going to go through life, the things I want to achieve and how to achieve them.

But soon enough, life starts to get in the way, with so many decisions to be made and never ever having a clear view of what lies ahead.

Chances are, you may have experienced something similar, and if not, rest assured that nature has her way of dealing with everyone.

You see, this is the real world and in the real world, things don’t always go as planned. But some people are just not prepared enough to take responsibility whenever things go wrong.

It’s fun to dream about your business taking off and changing your life.

But here’s the deal.

Life is nothing more than a daring adventure and if you are very familiar with adventure movies, you’ll know that It takes the hero a lot of stepping stones before achieving his dream.

The good news is, this post will teach you exactly how to achieve your dream.

If you really want to be successful and happy in life, there are three keys you need to unlock every obstacle you face and pave your way to success.

Ready to learn what they are? Let’s dive in.

How to Be Successful and Happy

1. Take Enough Risk

Most people who tend to be happy and successful in life are the people willing to break new ground and discover new worlds and opportunities.

Chances are, you have been suppressing your best idea and creation from the world because, to you, it seems to be a huge risk and you don’t want to unleash the idea just to see it fail. After all, nobody loves failure.

Allow me to show you some successful people in the world today who pushed the envelope of risk in order to achieve goals that were valuable to them.

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard in 1975 to devote his energies to something you and I would call a huge risk due to the uncertainty of what lies ahead, and that was Microsoft. Today, William H. (Bill) Gates is the chairman of Microsoft, a world leading software, and technology company that helps people and business realize their full potential.

Microsoft grosses over $49 billion annually and employs more than 71,000 people in 103 countries and regions. Today he is the world’s richest man with a Net Worth of $75 billion.

Ryan Holiday drops out of college at nineteen to apprentice under Robert Greene, author of ‘The 48 Laws of Power’ and went on to become the Marketing Director of American Apparel. His campaign is used as a case study by Google, Twitter, YouTube, and played an integral part in transforming ordinary authors to best-selling authors.

Enough of talking about other people’s life experiences because this post is not about them.

It’s about you!

To achieve worthy goals, you must take a risk, consider the two examples you were informed of above and you’ll see that for these successful people to drop out of school and fully pursue their dreams, it took a huge risk.

Everything in life brings risk. The risk of failure is true if you try something bold because you might miss it. But you also risk failure if you stand still and don’t try anything new.

So go back to whatever you’re trying to achieve, erase the embarrassment trap, and take enough risk to achieve your goals.

If you’re not succeeding at everything you do, then you’re probably not pushing yourself hard enough. And that means you’re not taking enough risk.

2. Learn How to Make Failure Your Friend

The reason why most people fail in life is because they accept failure. But here’s the ugly truth.

Think of failure as a security system, guarding the gate of success and to get a free pass, you need to make him a friend.

This might sound weird, but to enter into the realm of success, you need to learn how to get through failure and that’s learning how to make him a friend instead of giving up.

My first guest blog post offers failed, but I went back, figured out what went wrong, put in some extra effort, made improvements, and it became successful.

Chances are most of the time you might be rejected, but instead of accepting failure, follow the path to improving, and try again. If you continue to persevere, you will soon become successful.

3. Be the One In Charge

Elbert Hubbard wrote, “There are 999 other success principles that I have found in my reading and experience, but without self-discipline, none of them work. With self-discipline, they all work.”

Ask any successful person and they will tell you that’s quite true.

Most people have dreams and goals but are just not self-disciplined enough to make them want to achieve those goals. Instead, they are being controlled by their illusions and emotions that actually end up in getting nothing done.

If you want to be a real success, you’ll need to develop the ability to be in charge of your life and decisions, in a real sense, you’ll be self-disciplined.

You might know the road and the things you need to achieve your goals, but unless you’re completely self-disciplined, you will always end up postponing the task, thinking you’ll get it done a little later.

Time is money and it waits for no one, so instead of making excuses about achieving your goals and selling yourself short; be disciplined and start learning how to walk your way through pressure, anxiety, distractions, and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

The wonderful thing about success is that every successful step you achieve in that direction has its own reward.

Each step you take toward becoming a better person and accomplishing more than you ever have before, makes you feel happier, more confident, and more fulfilled.

To do that, simply master the three keys mentioned above and use them in every sphere of your life.

Your greatest reward is not the money you make, but rather the excellent person you become in the process of striving toward success.

You can do all things only if you believe you can.

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Cephas Tope is on a life mission to help you live a life of freedom and value and learn how to live a meaningful life.