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The New Year Is Like a Book with Blank Pages

Time for Change

The new coming year is like a book with blank pages, which you need to fill with new stories.

On the eve of a new year, everyone hopes for a better, happier, and more successful year. A new year symbolizes a new beginning, and we all hope that every beginning leads to better things.

Do we do something beyond hope? Most people don’t. They might make promises but rarely follow them. To make the new year better, happier, and more successful, you also need to make plans and take action.

A new year is often considered as a time for making changes in our lives. It is like a book with blank pages that need to be filled with stories.

You have two options. You can let circumstances and other people fill the pages, and you can be the author who decides with whom to fill them.

An American author, Melody Beattie, says, “The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.”

She is right. You can help write your story of the year. You can do this by setting goals and priorities.

It is not enough just to hope, though it is great. Hope makes you feel better and more optimistic, and that’s important. It helps you see the bright side of life and refuse to dwell on negativity. However, unless you have some control over your thoughts, worries and doubts might undermine your hopes.

To keep your hopes alive, you need definite plans and frequently think about the benefits you will gain by carrying out your plans and achieving success.

To start a change and make this year better, happier, and more successful, you need to do more than just hope. The new year is like an unwritten chapter in a book or a complete book with blank pages, which you need to fill. You need to write the stories you want on these pages.

Making plans and then striving to follow them means filling the pages of the new book – the new book of the new year.

You can make plans, but make reasonable plans that you can carry out and achieve. Even small plans are okay. Not everyone is interested and cares about big plans and goals.

Filling the Blank Pages of the Year with Your Stories

Simple, small plans will fill your day with happiness and action, and each day will become an important day. You will get up with ambition, expectations, and new hopes each morning.

Writing the stories of your coming year will open new doors for you, energize and inspire you, and help you overcome laziness and procrastination.

Here are a few examples of simple small goals:

1. Learning a new language.

2. Learning to swim.

3. Learning to dance.

4. Starting to go to the gym three times a week.

5. Learning to wake up early in the morning.

6. Striving to become more polite, kind, and considerate.

7. Going for a vacation or trip for a week or two to a foreign country.
8. Changing your wardrobe.

9. Learning creative visualization and manifesting.

10. Learning to focus your mind.

These are just a few examples. If this is not what you want, do something else you want.

Make what you want clear, and start devoting time to your goal/s every day. Even just a short time every day is okay.

Strive to shape the new year in accordance with your dreams and hopes. Imagine each day in the year like a new blank page in a book, and fill the pages of the book with the stories you want.

When filling the blank pages of the new year with new beautiful stories, strive to take care that your plans harm no one and that they can help not only you but others too.