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10 Useful Habits that Will Increase Your Productivity

Increase Your Productivity

Many of our habits are there for no other reason than the fact we failed to resist them.

This is not always a bad thing, for example, if you are habitually a competitive person, then this may be turned to your advantage to make you more productive.

Useful Habits to Increase Productivity

Here are ten habits, both nurtured and self-imposed, that you may use to help you become more productive.

1. A tendency towards planning

People that plan tend to be far more productive than people that do not. It is a broad and sweeping statement, but even something as simple as habitually setting deadline for each task, will help make you more productive.

If you ally that with pre-activity planning sessions, you may find yourself more efficient and ergo more productive.

2. Habitual but controlled analysis

Beware of paralysis by analysis, but with that said, there is a lot of power in analyzing what you are doing and why.

It is the reason so many smokers seem to do well in high-powered positions.

Smoking takes them out of the moment for a few minutes and allows them to reflect on what they are doing and if it is the right course of action.

3. A consideration for cleanliness

Counterproductive people and unproductive workers tend to live and work in dirty, messy and/or unorganized conditions. Does one cause the other? Is it due to a lack of positive habits?

Whatever the reason, you should consider cleanliness as a priority and create habits to keep your work area clean so that it doesn’t interfere with your productivity.

4.Efficiency should be your goal

Your goal should be to do as much as possible in the shortest possible time without waste.

It is true that quality should be your top priority, but sometimes quality should be allowed to suffer for the sake of getting a job done on time.

Get into the habit of striking a good balance between the quality of your output and the amount of time (and resources) it consumes.

5. Taking pleasure in the accomplishment of a goal

Get into the habit of feeling happy when you accomplish a goal, and you may find that you take more pleasure in the process. If anything, this may help your motivation and morale.

Additional Useful Tips

6. The habit of being competitive

Competitive people tend to excel for the simple reason that they have a lot of motivation. They are motivated by their lust for being first or winning.

Such a base primitive urge has a lot of power: ergo, if you are in the habit of being competitive, then turn that habit into a powerful tool.

The other person/people you are competing with do not even have to know you are competing with them. It is an internal process that you leverage to become more productive and efficient.

7. Time management

Your productive time is the time during the day in which you may work and be productive. It is not necessarily the time you spend at work, though one hopes your workday has productive time in it.

Time is a valuable resource, and your productive time should be spent cautiously and managed wisely if you wish to remain productive.

8. The ability to work well with others

The most productive people are the ones that work in teams. From the days of Henry Ford creating cars, to the days where top rated animated shows have episodes created within six days, teamwork creates productivity.

9. Budget management

A productive person is one that is able to take what resources are available and achieve a task with as little expenditure as possible, with the least amount of time spent as possible.

It is difficult to know and understand how many resources are being used if you are unable to manage and maintain a budget. Building a good budgeting habit may be a great idea.

10. A willingness to perpetually improve

Only through perpetual improvement, usually via trial and error testing, will you achieve a long-term productive state.

Creating and maintaining the habit of trying to improve yourself has limitless power. It makes you a stronger and more productive person as you age, and one hopes that is the goal for most people.

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