Positive Thinking – The Power to Succeed

Positive Thinking

Want to Succeed in Whatever You Do?

  • Do not accept failure as the end of the road. Learn to think positive and expect successful results.
  • Expect and believe that success is possible and within reach, despite obstacles, setbacks and failure.
  • Learn to adopt a positive way of life.
  • Stop thinking impossible and start thinking possible.

Learn to Stop Thinking Negatively and Start Thinking Positively.

Why Negative Thinkers Fail?

Negative thinking is a mental attitude that anticipates failure and disappointment. The attitude of a negative thinker is, “Why bother if I’m going to fail anyway?”

This negative attitude results in lack of action, lack of initiative, and lack of motivation to progress in life.

A person with a negative way of thinking rarely expects success, and seldom accomplishes anything significant.

Why Positive Thinkers often Succeed?

  • Positive thinkers expect positive results.
  • Positive thinkers DO NOT GIVE UP on their dreams, and DO NOT GIVE IN to obstacles. They continue with their efforts until they get the results they want.
  • Positive thinkers look at failure as a lesson to improve and do better the next time.
  • Positive thinkers do not accept “no”, “impossible”, “cannot be done” as an answer, instead, they look for ways to overcome difficulties.
  • Positive thinkers are resourceful. They look for solutions and new ideas, and proceed with their actions until they get positive results.


A Positive Thinking Book that Teaches How to Be Positive

This positive thinking book has been written to teach you how to become a positive thinker.

A positive thinking book that teaches working methods for building a positive mindset.

  • You will learn about the power of positive thinking and how to apply it in your life.
  • You will learn about negative thinking and how to stop it
  • You will learn how to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
  • You will find examples for adopting positive thinking in your daily life.

Excerpt from the Book

Wealth and Scarcity Are in the Eyes of the Beholder

One day, a wealthy merchant took his son on a trip around the country, to show him how poor people live.

On their trip, they spent a couple of days and nights on a small farm of a poor family.

When they left the farm, the father asked his son, “Are you enjoying the trip?”

“Yes, I do, Dad.”

“Now that you have seen how poor people live, what did you learn?” The father asked.

The son answered:

“I learned that the family where we stayed has four dogs and we have only one dog.

We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have a river that has no end.

We have a few shining lanterns in our garden, and they have all the stars at night.

We only have servants, but they have all the people of the village as their friends.

We live in a big house, only the four of us, but they live together with their grandparents and enjoy their company.

We buy our food, but they grow theirs.

We have walls around our property to protect us, and they have good friends to protect them.”

The boy’s father was speechless and astounded by his son’s insight.

Then, his son added, “Thanks, Dad, for showing me how poor we are”.

What is the lesson of this story?

How we see the world depends on our attitude.

In this story, the father focused on the lack of money and possessions, and thought that only wealth matters. On the other hand, the son who appreciated the love, friends and the beauty of nature, thought that this family was much richer than they were.

Though the father and the child shared the same experience, they saw and felt different things.

How do you look at your life? Do you see the half-empty glass or its half full? Do you acknowledge what you already have, and enjoy it, or do you focus on what you do not have?

This is an excerpt from the book “Positive Thinking – The Power to Succeed” by Dorina Sasson and Remez Sasson.

Questions and Answers

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Positive Thinking

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About the Authors
Dorina Sasson has been trained in Louise L. Hay’s teacher training course, and is a certified teacher for “You can heal your life” study course, and “Love yourself, heal your life” workshop.

Remez Sasson has been studying and practicing various techniques of self-improvement for many years. After studying, practicing and gaining practical experience, he decided to share the knowledge and experience he has gained, through his website, articles and books.


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