Two Cats Facing Each Other on the Path

Two Cats

Two cats were walking on a narrow path toward each other. When they came near one another, no one was willing to let the other pass first. They just stood there, screaming at each other.

“You let me pass first,” said one cat.

“No! I was first here,” said the other cat.

“No, I must be first, because I am bigger.”

“No, I must be first, because I am more beautiful.”

“No, I am wiser than you, and you must, therefore, respect me.”

“I am stronger.”

“I have many cats that will hurt you if you don’t let me pass.”

After a while, the screams turned into a fight. The cats started fighting, scratching, and biting each other.

A little while later, a wiser cat arrived on the scene. He looked at them and started to laugh.

The two cats stopped fighting, at looked at him, amazed.

“Why are you laughing?” The cats asked him.

“I am laughing at you and your behavior. You are wasting your time and are hurting each other just because you won’t let the other one pass. The path is wide enough for each cat to pass to the other side.”

“Why are you fighting? Don’t you have anything better to do?”

“It is a matter of honor and power.” The two cats said.

The wise cat was amused and said, “Do you need to prove you are stronger? Who cares about this?”

“Someone, who is really strong and self-confident, doesn’t feel the need to show this to others. He or she feels good about himself, and others feel his strength, and respect him, with love, not fear.”

“There is life, there is good food, there are wonderful things to enjoy and to do, and you are standing, here, facing each other, yelling, scratching and fighting. Is this a practical and rational act? Open your eyes and grow up!”

“Is it really important who passes first to the other side of the path? Is it worthwhile to have all these scratches and bites? You are wasting your time, energy and health on nonsense.”

“Look around, and see all the animals around you laughing at your irrational behavior.”

The two cats were bewildered and didn’t know what to say. The words of the wise cat made sense, but their subconscious, programmed behavior and habits were too strong. It was not easy for them to resist them.

Did the two cats stopped fighting and each one went on their way? I leave that for you to think about.

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