10 Tips To Start Your Day With Happiness

How do you start your day? Do you start your day with happiness or with sadness, with joy or with anger?

How you start your day can affect the rest of your day. You can bring happiness into your life by doing some small things in the morning.

Here are 10 tips to help you start your day with happiness:

1. Wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual. This will give you some free time in the morning and reduce rush and stress.

2. After waking up, sit on your bed, and repeat in your mind several times the following sentences, “Today is a wonderful day. Today is a great day. There is a lot of happiness today”.

3. Begin your day with the expectation of a great and wonderful day.

For at least a little while, don’t focus on your problems. Just forget your problems, and enjoy the feeling of having a wonderful day, even if you cannot see how this can happen.

Most people let their circumstances dictate to them what to think, feel and expect. You can reverse this process. Choose your own thoughts and feelings, irrespective of what is happening in your life. Eventually, if you persevere, your life will change accordingly.

4. Find a few minutes in the morning to stretch and exercise your body.

5. Eat breakfast before you go to work.

6. Listen to your favorite music for a few minutes, while dressing up, preparing breakfast, or while eating breakfast.

7. Read some inspiring quotes before you go out to work. You can find many inspiring quotes at the quotes directory.

8. Get out a little earlier than usual, when you go to work. This will take away the stress of being late to work.

9. Smile more often, even for no apparent reason. Smiling will make you feel better.

10. Decide about some little activities for the day, which can make you feel happy, like talking with one of your friends, walking in the park, buying a slice of cake on the way to work, buying a gift for your husband, wife or child.

Other activities could be reading a book when you return home from work, or going to the gym in the afternoon or evening.

Starting your day with happiness can fill your whole day with happiness.

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