Do You Know What Emotional Detachment Is?

Do you know what emotional detachment is?

I am not speaking about indifference, staying away from people, or stifling your emotions due to the fear that you might get hurt.

I am talking about what I call, “positive emotional detachment”.

This kind of emotional detachment can help you maintain a state of calmness and self-control when handling your daily affairs of life, and in your interactions with people.

It can help you avoid dwelling on distressing or unpleasant events from your past and reliving them in your mind over and again, or dwelling on worries and current problems. It also helps you avoid becoming agitated by what people say or do, and by circumstances and events.

Emotional detachment is useful for people, who live ordinary life, for people who are after a career, and for people on the paths of self-improvement, spiritual growth or meditation.

Emotional detachment is a skill that can be learned, and is important for showing more common sense, better judgment, better mental focus, and living a happier life.

Developing emotional detachment, the positive kind, does not make you an indifferent person. You can be loving, happy, compassionate, and at the same time exercise inner detachment.

Why am I writing about emotional detachment? I have written a book on how to develop emotional detachment for better life. It is in the last stages of preparations to be published.

Like all my books, it contains a lot of practical information, instructions and exercises. If you liked my other books, I am sure you will like this book too.

I will post more information about the book soon.

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