How to Become a More Disciplined Person?

“I make promises, but never keep them. I make resolutions, but never carry them out. I never finish what I start. What can I do to stop that?I often tell myself that from now on, I am going to be more disciplined, but I never do anything about that.

How do I become a more disciplined person, so I do what I promise? What do you suggest?”

You Can Become a More Disciplined Person

Discipline is a habit, and like any habit, you need to repeat it often until it becomes easy and automatic.

To gain the habit of discipline, you need to start with simple actions that require a little amount of discipline and that are simple to carry out. If you carry them out successfully, you will have the ability to carry out acts and tasks that require more discipline.

Here are a few examples to clarify what I mean:

Force yourself to go for a walk for 20-30 minutes every day at the same hour, for one week. Do so despite laziness, lack of motivation or inner resistance.

You might discover that you need some willpower to push yourself to get up from your couch and go out. Repeating this act every day, would improve your discipline and make you more disciplined.

To become a disciplined person you need to repeat the same act over and again, not just once. Gradually, your inner strength and discipline would improve. What makes you a more disciplined person are your resolve and perseverance, not the physical act of walking.

Here is another example:

Set you alarm clock to ring about 20 minutes earlier than the time you usually get up. When the alarm clock rings, get out of your bed promptly, without any delay. This might be tough, but this a step toward achieving your goal to be a more disciplined person.

As to making promises, be sure you can carry out any promise you make, before making it. It is not a good idea to make promises and not carry them out, since this teaches your subconscious mind that you never keep your promises.

It is better and wiser to start with simple promises, which are easier to carry out. This teaches your subconscious mind that you can keep your promises.

Think, and find out what kind of habits you need to change, and start working on changing them.

  • Do you avoid talking with certain people? Go talk to them.
  • Do you start your day checking your mail, reading the news and carrying out small unimportant tasks? Change the order and start your day with more important tasks.

If you wish to become a more disciplined person, you need to be earnest about this goal and put time and effort into it. You will also need to practice some exercises to strengthen make this skill and turn it into a habit.

Do not get stressed or worried if you lack discipline. With a little training, you can improve it.

You can learn to keep your promises, make resolutions and carry them out, and you can learn to finish what you start. You can learn to persevere, and you can learn bring more discipline into your life.

I don’t want to go deeply into this topic here, since I have written about it in many of my articles, as well as in my book, Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline.

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“Discipline really means our ability to get ourselves to do things when we don’t want.”
– Arden Mahlberg

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