How to Increase Willpower

The word willpower is often associated with losing weight, quitting smoking, bodybuilding, or studying. However, it is an important skill, which necessary in all walks of life, such as in sports, achieving goals, self improvement and in meditation. It is a skill well worth developing.

It is said that the imagination is stronger than willpower, and that what you imagine over and again, eventually, affects your subconscious mind and turns into a habit. This is true, but when you possess willpower you can tell your mind what to think and what to imagine, and you can insist on acting in a certain way.

Without willpower, you just let passing thoughts and whims dictate to you what to do. By building willpower, you gain the ability control your imagination. 

Willpower helps you focus your mind on the goal and hold it there, without being sidetracked. How can you succeed, if you keep changing goals or changing your mind?

How do you go about building and increasing willpower?

You can do so by training and developing this skill through special, simple exercises.

Here are a few tips and strategies for building and increasing willpower:

Do a little more
Read one more page before you close your book.
Wash one extra plate when you wash dishes.
Walk another two minutes when doing your daily walk.

Respect your decisions
When you decide to do something, do it. Don’t procrastinate or change your mind.

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