The Importance of Setting Goals

Importance of Goals

It is important to have goals in your life. Coaches, motivators, and authors tell you that you have to set goals. There is a lot of talking about goals.

Are goals really so important?

Goals are important in the sense that they give you direction in life. The goal itself might be not so important, and when you achieve it, you might find that it doesn’t give you the satisfaction you expected.

Having more money and more possessions makes your life more comfortable, but this does not necessarily make you happier or more content.

However, having goals is like having a map. You know where you are heading, and this gives you zest, motivation and more energy. You become more alive.

Do you have goals? I don’t mean wishes. A real goal is not a wish. It is something, into which you will put all your efforts to achieve.

A goal does not have to be something big. Not everyone wants to achieve something big, on a major scale. Most people are satisfied with mediocre life, and that’s okay. But even if you don’t aim high, it’s good to have goals.

Goals don’t have to be major goals. Only a certain percentage of the population is really interested in major goals and is willing to do something to achieve them.

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