Adventure Quotes

Adventure Quotes – Life Is an Adventure

Adventure quotes inspire, motivate and awaken the desire to experience new things, travel, and make life more exciting. They excite the imagination and encourage you to seek new experiences. Life is an adventure, whether you live an ordinary, simple life, … Continue Reading

Deja Vu

What Is Deja Vu?

What does deja vu mean? You have most probably heard the words ‘deja vu’ more than once. What do these words mean? Let’s try to define deja vu. Deja Vu Definition The term “deja vu”, originates from the French, meaning … Continue Reading

Create Positive Feelings

How to Awaken Positive Feelings

What are positive feelings? These are the pleasant feelings of happiness, satisfaction, confidence, joy, and the sense of accomplishment. These are feelings of compassion, love, kindness, tolerance and understanding. They are the opposite of negative feelings, such as anger, resentment, … Continue Reading

Magnet of Success Key

Your Mind Is a Magnet of Success

The power of the mind is like a magnet, it can draw certain events, circumstances and people into our life and repel others. Your mind can be a magnet of success, and it can be a magnet of failure. This … Continue Reading

Live a Positive Life

How to Live a Positive Life

“Live each day as if your life had just begun.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe You certainly want your life to be happy and improve in every area. Who wouldn’t? You would certainly want to lead a positive life, happy … Continue Reading

Healing Quotes

Healing Quotes for the Body, Mind and Soul

The body and the mind have their own healing mechanism. They can heal themselves if you let them. Tension, anxiety and worries stand in the way of self-healing. You need to calm down mentally, emotionally and physically, in order for … Continue Reading

Stop the Mental Noise

How to Stop the Mental Noise

What is the mental noise? It is the constant chatter of the mind that never stops. It is the tendency of the mind to think nonstop. It is the inner conversation or inner monologue that goes on constantly in the … Continue Reading