Affirmations, Tennis and Other Sports

Tennis PlayerSomeone has asked me how to use affirmations for winning tennis matches.

“I have a question about power of affirmations. I play tennis, and try to apply it while, and even before I start playing the game, telling myself that “I will win this match” repetitively.

I have a moderate success with that, but I lose many times than I expect. I know my opponent is not a better player than I am. I practice a lot too. What do you think I should do? What kind of affirmations I should have?

Please also advise on how to phrase my affirmation. Should I say, “I will win all my matches”, or should I say, “opponent, you are losing this game”? Which is better?”

Here is my reply: 

You can use both visualization and affirmations. Before starting the game, find a place where you can be alone for a few minutes, close your eyes, and visualize yourself playing tennis like a pro. Feel how good you are and that you are a winner. See yourself winning the game and feeling good and happy.

When starting the tennis match, and during the game, repeat one or more of the following

– I am winning this game.
– I am a great tennis player.
– It is so easy to win this game.
– I am giving my best in this game.
– I am playing tennis like a pro.
– I get all shots, anywhere on the tennis court.
– I am hitting back all balls and winning the game.

Doing so will help you play better and improve your chances of winning the game, but this doesn’t mean that you will always win, because your opponent might be in a better shape, play better, or use the same tactics of visualization and affirmations.

As to your other question, it is useless to phrase the affirmation in the words, “opponent – you are loosing this game”. These words will not help you, and most probably would not affect your opponent. You are not an hypnotist trying to hypnotize your opponent neither are you a magician. Better repeat affirmations that can affect you, your subconscious mind and your playing skills.

Visualization and affirmations are more and more used in sports nowadays, and what has been said about tennis, also applies to all other sports.

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