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5 Types of Blogs You Can Make

Blogs You Can Make

Blogging is a great hobby to start because you can write about basically anything. This means that you can write about the thing you love the most, and the blogging experience will just be about sharing your experience.

Furthermore, you get the opportunity to improve your writing.

The Steps to Start

Starting a blog is easy and does not require a lot of technological skills. The first thing you need to do is find out what you want to write about, there will be some examples below if you need inspiration.

Then you must find a fitting name that tells something about you and your blog and is easy to remember for your readers. You can use a website like for help to come up with the perfect name.

Lastly, it is time to create the actual blog. You can do this from scratch if you have some web developing experience, get help from a professional, or use templates online. Now, let’s look at some popular topics.


If there is one thing that never goes out of style, it is traveling. Most people are very interested in seeing all the parts of this beautiful world and are often looking for tips when traveling or inspiration for destinations.

If you like to travel, can take good pictures, and have some experience, then writing about your journeys could be the way to go.


A lot of people are finding value in ways of working on themselves. This can be through meditating or other ways to practice mindfulness.

This could be the perfect topic for you to write about if you find it interesting. You can also write about manifesting and generally finding positive ways of living life.


We have all been in the situation where we don’t know what to eat, and we go to the internet for inspiration. This is also when we are very thankful for food bloggers because they post delicious recipes.

If you can find your way around the kitchen and have inspiring dishes to share, then you should get into food blogging. You could, for example, focus on healthy eating, or quick recipes for large families.

Writing a Blog


Staying healthy is important, and so is providing people with the right information.

You might have some experience from the gym, or you are a personal trainer looking for a hobby besides going to the gym? These would be the perfect people to start a fitness blog because they know what they are talking about.

Try to incorporate some workout videos on your blog, it is great for engagingly attracting new readers.


We all love our furry friends, and there is something quite special about looking at videos and pictures of cute animals.

You can start an animal blog and upload beautiful pictures and facts about cats, dogs, rabbits, and many other animals.

This theme is perfect for those with the experience of owning a pet!

No matter what subject area you choose to write about, it is always a good idea to read up on what’s going on within the field you’re throwing yourself into.

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