WFH: The Essentials

Following a year of increased numbers of people working from home (WFH), due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more employers are turning to long-term remote working options for their employees. During 2020 in the UK, 35.9 percent of the employed population … Continue Reading

Business Presentation

Useful Tips for a Business Presentation

Secrets on how to succeed in a business presentation. An important presentation is coming up and you’re still not sure of yourself? Do you want to become a professional in successful business presentations? Then these tips are for you. Table … Continue Reading

Student Writing

How to Write a Good Essay on a Business Topic

With the increase of interest in e-commerce, more and more students decide to study business. Business as a discipline, gives a lot of opportunities after graduation. You can work in large corporations being responsible for different branches. Or you can … Continue Reading

Sun Glasses when Traveling

Tips When Traveling for Business Purposes

Business trips are crucial for the success of your company. It’s your chance to meet with potential investors. You can close a deal during the trip or explore potential partnerships. Since you’re already in a different place, you should make … Continue Reading

High Performance Team

Building a High-Performing Organization and Team

With the rapidly changing corporate environment, organizations need to morph themselves into sturdier and better versions of their former working structures. Companies, like always, look towards maximizing their profit margins, but amidst the hustle, they do commit a few mistakes … Continue Reading