Career Development

5 Most Effective Career Development Tips and Tricks

Career success does not come easily, even though it seems as if some individuals receive great rewards for little effort. People, who do well, do not only work hard but also take the right steps to get noticed. Throughout their careers, experts such as career coaches and CEOs have gained …

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Happily Self-Employed

7 Secrets of the Happily Self-Employed

Do you know that the self-employed enjoy their work more than everyone else? According to researchers at the University of Sheffield and Exeter in the UK, the self-employed find the most fulfillment. The respondents report feeling more balanced and less stressed than their 9-to-5-er counterparts. The self-employed are happier at …

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Remote Work

How to Create a Culture of Excellence in Remote Teams

If you’re running a company that uses a remote work model, this guide might come in handy. We’ll show you how to create an excellent culture built around it. If you are considering the idea of going remote, you need to make sure your business and employees have the resources …

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Video Conferencing

How Can Video Conferencing Contribute to Team Building

The workplace has evolved. We no longer need to travel into an office to obtain the data and information we need to conduct our jobs, thanks to technological advancements. The offside of this is that it can be difficult to get to know remote workers in a personal and professional …

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Self-Publish Your Book

These 8 Reasons Will Convince You to Self-Publish Your Book

Self-publishing or indie publishing is something that poses a dilemma for every new writer these days. Although there are valid reasons to prefer self-publishing to traditional publishing, many aspiring authors are scared to opt for this process. The main reason behind self-publishing stems from an almost parent-like attachment to your …

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Resume Writing Tips

6 Resume-Writing Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job

You’re sure to know about the main elements that you should contain on your resume, such as your contact information, a short introduction, and lists of your professional experience, skills, and qualifications. But if you want to land your dream job, you’ll need to go above and beyond standard practices. …

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