More Money in Your Business

3 Ways to Raise a Smile … and Make More Money in Your Business

Happy customers are loyal customers, so it follows that if you can make the experience of engaging with your business more entertaining, you’ll also see revenues rise over time. The same goes for employees; a workforce that’s in good spirits is more motivated and productive. Knowing this is not enough on its own, of course, so here are some actionable …

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Self-Publish Your Book

These 8 Reasons Will Convince You to Self-Publish Your Book

Self-publishing or indie publishing is something that poses a dilemma for every new writer these days. Although there are valid reasons to prefer self-publishing to traditional publishing, many aspiring authors are scared to opt for this process. The main reason behind self-publishing stems from an almost parent-like attachment to your creation. Traditional publishing will take your manuscript through a seemingly …

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Resume Writing Tips

6 Resume-Writing Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job

You’re sure to know about the main elements that you should contain on your resume, such as your contact information, a short introduction, and lists of your professional experience, skills, and qualifications. But if you want to land your dream job, you’ll need to go above and beyond standard practices. Get started by checking out the following six helpful resume-writing …

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Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

The Understanding Office: How To Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

Picture this scenario – Phil, an employee of a company arrives at work to find a 10-year anniversary gift with a sticky note on his desk. The note is from his manager acknowledging this milestone. After realizing it didn’t include anything along the lines of congratulations or even a simple thank-you, Phil is a little annoyed but carries on with …

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Leadership Styles

The Seven Most Important Leadership Styles

While in a management position, it is paramount to understand the different leadership styles you can apply to successfully lead a team. Don’t be surprised when employees start quitting after you resume a management position. Unbeknownst to many, most employees quit managers and not the job. That’s why you need to be aware of the different leadership styles you can …

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How to Be a Good Worker

21st Century Skills: How to Be a Good Worker in Any Field

In our modern world, it’s not enough to have a good set of professional skills to land a decent and well-paid position. And you have probably noticed that employers pay attention to people’s soft skills even more. Surely, it depends on the profession, but if candidates have similar abilities, the only thing that will help you win is interpersonal skills. …

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Business Negotiation Tactics

4 Business Negotiation Tactics Experts Don’t Want You to Know

Business negotiations are all about contradictions. You need to be flexible, yet firm in your approach. You need to share the relevant information, yet stay cautious that the other party does not take control of the conversation. There’s plenty to plan and comprehend before the big meeting. However, how you look at things is the most important aspect. We would …

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Your Own Web Shop

4 Steps to Start Your Own Web Shop

Starting your own business could be the perfect hobby for you because it often combines work and some of your favorite activities. If you are sitting with a million-dollar idea, or maybe just want to offer your skills or sell some of your handmade products, then an online webshop could be the perfect alternative. Creating your own business is not …

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Blogs You Can Make

5 Types of Blogs You Can Make

Blogging is a great hobby to start because you can write about basically anything. This means that you can write about the thing you love the most, and the blogging experience will just be about sharing your experience. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to improve your writing. The Steps to Start Starting a blog is easy and does not require …

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Landing Your Dream Job

5 Key Steps to Landing Your Dream Job

After graduating, getting your dream job might seem like a simple next step, but the job-hunting process can be daunting and marred by rejection, endless interviews, and frustration. However, you can increase your chances of landing your dream job by following some of these key tips: 1. Sharpen Your Resume In most cases, HR managers invite candidates for interviews after …

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