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The Understanding Office: How To Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

Picture this scenario – Phil, an employee of a company arrives at work to find a 10-year anniversary gift with a sticky note on his desk. The note is from his manager acknowledging this milestone.

After realizing it didn’t include anything along the lines of congratulations or even a simple thank-you, Phil is a little annoyed but carries on with his day.

While most firms have some form of employee appreciation program, they all too frequently result in reactions like Phil’s.

Rather than providing workers with a real sense of recognition, they become just another box for managers to check, and they are entirely separated from a genuine feeling of success.

Some firms aim to make programs more relevant by recognizing individuals who have, for example, led a challenging new project, “embodied” the organization’s principles in their conduct or made a substantial influence.

That strategy, too, has flaws: for example, awards can be viewed as a privileged chance for a select few, leaving the bulk of the workforce feeling excluded and unappreciated.

The benefits would be significant if managers could make a much larger proportion of employees feel appreciated.

Notice the ‘Good’

In the workplace, valuing people begins with a simple mentality adjustment. While it’s all too easy for many leaders to slip into the trap of merely addressing negative behaviors, the strongest leaders actively seek out positive changes in their teams.

Giving praise doesn’t have to be difficult – as it’s simple as observing what others are doing well at work.

Pay attention to what your personnel do on a daily basis. To foster a more pleasant workplace atmosphere, express gratitude, keep an eye out for good work and recognize it, and celebrate the accomplishment.

Sometimes, simple favors, like a coffee in the morning, can boost the motivation of your team, or perhaps even hiring a coffee machine for the office for everyone!

Ask for Feedback

Employee appreciation occurs when leaders genuinely care about their employees’ opinions. You acquire perspective, insights, and even solutions when you ask people for their opinions, but you also learn how they feel about their job.

Seek advice frequently. It shows that you regard your personnel as experts in their fields.

Others, should approach your personnel as subject matter experts. Knowing that you and others desire to hear their comments and thoughts will make your people feel appreciated.

Avoid Unauthentic or Generalized Expressions of Positivity

Genuine and particular appreciation is required. Employees were pleased with the various methods to demonstrate thanks, but they were unmoved by meaningless or offhanded gestures.

There’s a significant difference between shouting a thank-you on your way out the door and sitting down with someone to discuss the aspects of their job that you admire and how it benefits the team or business.

Meaningful expressions of gratitude were frequently regarded as timely, relevant, and honest, whereas empty sentiments may be worse than saying nothing at all.

Managers must also use caution while honoring all members of a team.


Encourage Effort

Not sure what to be grateful for? Begin by praising staff for their daily efforts. When employees’ contributions are recognized along the road, they feel appreciated.

Work might often necessitate a significant lot of energy before a goal is achieved, so make sure to encourage staff along the journey.

Encouragement of work over the course of a project allows for more timely recognition than waiting until the finish.

Employees will often feel less stressed throughout the project if they are receiving praise through-out, circumventing stress can lead to an increase in overall efficiency for the workplace.

Celebrate Milestones

This goes beyond simply recognizing their years of service. In the workplace, appreciating workers involves recognizing all of their experience, knowledge, and expertise that helps them be their best in their present job while also benefiting your team.

Honor their efforts over the course of their career. Celebrate the value that each individual offers to the organization, the value that their personality gives to the team, and the value that their work brings to the world.

Companies may create individualized, meaningful career celebrations with an employee recognition service like Culture Cloud.

Positive Reinforcement

A heartfelt thank you note, a little gift, or a more substantial employee award are all excellent methods to express gratitude for both great and small achievements.

Here’s the thing: the award is a vital component of the recognition process, and employees will feel more appreciated if the award is personalized for them.

Employees also have various preferences for how they want to be recognized and what presents or prizes they want to receive. Use a customizable employee recognition programmed like Culture Cloud to recognize results and provide employee recognition prizes and points that allow them to pick a present they’ll like.

Every employee wants to wake-up and attend a workplace with a great environment and the ‘understanding office’ approach is a solution in creating great atmosphere for the team and an overall more successful business as a result!