How to Respond to Negative Feedback

What if one day you open Google, and see negative feedback about your business flashing like a neon sign on the top? That even sounds so frightening, but unfortunately, it can happen! If you are running a business, it means … Continue Reading

Businessperson and Inner Peace

8 Reasons Why a Businessperson Needs Inner Peace

We think of a businessperson as a pragmatic and practical person, focused on making good deals and on making money. We associate business with material success, not with inner peace. The truth is that even pragmatic and practical people need … Continue Reading

Ecommerce Website

Essentials of Creating a Great Ecommerce Website

So, you’ve decided to create an ecommerce website and you’re wondering where to start. If you take the time to research the essentials of creating a great ecommerce website, you’ll find the process to be relatively simple. Ecommerce Defined What … Continue Reading

Business Advice

Business Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to start your own business? You might be into IT, cyber security, pets, food, construction, or anything in between. The point is that there are essential pieces of business advice which every new entrepreneur … Continue Reading