Attention Span

How to Improve Your Attention Span

Are you aware of the length of your attention span? Do you sometimes wish to improve it? We all have errands to run, tasks to complete, and chores to carry out. Often, these are tasks or chore that we do … Continue Reading

A New Book, How to Focus Your Mind

I am happy to announce that I have finished writing my new book, “How to Focus Your Mind”, and it is now available from this website. Update– The title of the books has been changed to Focus Your Attention. Concentration … Continue Reading

Can You Focus Your Mind?

Hold a pencil in your hand, look at your watch to measure the time, and try to focus your full attention on the pencil. Look at it from all sides, trying to imprint its image on your mind. The moment … Continue Reading

Do You Feel that You Lack Concentration?

Do you feel that you lack enough concentration, and would like to strengthen it? Lack of concentration seems to be very common, especially nowadays, with so many distractions, so much information, gadgets, advertising, and products that attract your attention in … Continue Reading

What Is Concentration

What is Concentration – Definition

Have you ever wondered what is concentration and how to strengthen it? Let’s try to define concentration and explain what it is. What Is Concentration – Definition Concentration is the ability to direct one’s attention in accordance with one’s will. … Continue Reading