Mind Power Techniques

What Are Mind Power Techniques?

Do the words mind power techniques awaken in your mind visions of power, strength and achievement? Do these words have any real meaning, except in fiction movies, where you see people with great powers trying to either destroy the world … Continue Reading


How to Stop Being Absent Minded

Are you absent minded? Do you sometimes forget where you put your eyeglasses or phone? Do you sometimes, when you are out, start worrying whether you locked your door or turned off the stove? Do you lose attention in the … Continue Reading

Attention Span

Has the Average Attention Span Dropped Down?

How Long Is Your Attention Span? It seems that there is a sharp drop in the average attention span of most people, especially children and young people. Did you notice that? This sharp drop in the average attention span started … Continue Reading

Attention Span

How to Improve Your Attention Span

Are you aware of the length of your attention span? Do you sometimes wish to improve it? We all have errands to run, tasks to complete, and chores to carry out. Often, these are tasks or chore that we do … Continue Reading