Increasing Attention Span

5 Tips for Increasing Your Attention Span

Do you have a short or long attention span? For how long can you fix your attention on what you are doing, before your mind moves to something else? Are you easily bored? In this age of the smartphone, Internet … Continue Reading

Mouni Sadhu

Mouni Sadhu Biography and Books

Mouni Sadhu was an occultist, a spiritual teacher and author, who lived in the 20th century. He was born in 1897, but there isn’t much known about his early years. Some sources state Poland as his place of birth, while … Continue Reading

Focus Success

Focus – The Key To Success

We live in a fast-moving world with constant change and development in many aspects of life such as education, communication, transportation, health, security and more. Indeed, an advancement in science and new technological discoveries have led to major breakthroughs in … Continue Reading

Mind Power Techniques

What Are Mind Power Techniques?

Do the words mind power techniques awaken in your mind visions of power, strength and achievement? Do these words have any real meaning, except in fiction movies, where you see people with great powers trying to either destroy the world … Continue Reading

Best Time for Meditation

How Can I Increase My Short Attention Span?

One of the website’s readers asked me the following question: “My attention span is short, and this makes it difficult for me to focus my attention. For example, at work, I cannot focus for long on what I am doing, … Continue Reading

How to Stop Being Absent Minded and Inattentive

Are you often absent minded? Do you often lose your attention while working, studying, reading or doing anything else? Do you sometimes forget where you put your eyeglasses or phone? Do you sometimes, when you are out, start worrying whether … Continue Reading