What Is Concentration

What is Concentration – Definition

Have you ever wondered what is concentration and how to strengthen it? Let’s try to define concentration and explain what it is. What Is Concentration – Definition Concentration is the ability to direct one’s attention in accordance with one’s will. … Continue Reading

Lack of Concentration and Focus

Lack of Concentration and Focus

Lack of concentration and focus seems to worry a great number of people. With the widespread of short attention span, this problem seems to grow stronger. It seems that lack of concentration has become a widespread problem, irrespective of age, … Continue Reading

Don't Hold your Breath when Concentrating

Don’t Hold your Breath when Concentrating

Do you hold your breath when trying to concentrate? Many do so, as if holding the breath helps to concentrate. This of course is done unconsciously, but it creates physical and mental strain, which is absolutely unnecessary, not healthy, and … Continue Reading

Visualizing and Meditating

Visualizing and Meditating Without Words

People often ask me questions about meditation and visualization. One common question is, “How to visualize or meditate without words?” Here is a question someone has asked me a few days ago, which is a typical question: “How can I … Continue Reading