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Healthy Distancing: Measurements to Peace and Happiness

Healthy Distancing

There are many ways to be healthy in the modern era due to the innovations in medicine and fitness. Working out, eating clean, and taking our vitamins and supplements are all great ways to be healthy. Healthy distancing is another way to eliminate toxins from our minds and bodies.

A few years ago, the world came to a stop from a pandemic, and the term social distance came about to be. Similarly, based on a common principle, we sometimes have to distance ourselves from what can be a mind virus that is more sophisticated than any known biological disease.

It’s completely ok to give ourselves space from those who don’t mean well to us. Misery is contagious and weakens our immune system to become bitter, leaving a sour taste in our mouths from the words of self-hate that we have to absorb from others.

Time is precious, and we should not spend it trying to fix a situation or help someone who doesn’t want to do the work themselves. We aren’t perfect; the person reading this should not feel above anyone, yet we must be aware of the company around us.

How To Healthy Distance

Usually, due to our internal defense mechanisms and instinctual reactions, we are alerted if a situation or person is not suitable for our well-being in a positive, self-preserving manner.

If a relative or a friend is being harmful in their actions, the proper way to handle the form of abuse is to bring it up and separate ourselves from the situation.

In no world does sticking around continuous abuse change anything. Those who do that will only get more abuse until all sense of identity is lost.

  • Verify your self-worth in this world.
  • Learn to be ok with alone time.
  • Hang around more positive and productive people.
  • Be honest with others and their actions.

We are the company we keep around. That is not an outdated saying. The company we keep close to reflects aspects of how we see ourselves. Our company reveals how far off or how close we are to the good and bad of this world.

The first step to healthy distancing is learning to appreciate yourself and your flaws. We will either be at arms reach of self-destruction or far away from decent, genuine relationships depending on how we measure ourselves amongst others in life.

Remember, our peace and happiness is a grace to cherish before making others happy for the wrong reasons.

Don’t Over Do It

It’s easy to get lost in the dense forest of seclusion. The longer we spend time in that forest, the more addicting it is to be alone.

Isolation becomes normal when we get used to our own company; that is a slippery slope. If we cut off too many people, it’s hard for us to want to build genuine, authentic relationships.

Alone time is needed, but so many mental illnesses can come from remaining attracted to and detached from people. Depression, anger problems, paranoia, and a laundry list of self-inflicted injuries from the infatuation of idolizing ourselves alone.

  • Don’t burn all bridges and be left stranded.
  • Isolation becomes addicting.
  • People can be difficult, but we aren’t perfect.
  • The world isn’t against you.
  • Build trust slowly at your own pace.

If peace can be measured as happiness, the same goes for getting close to others. We were never meant to live completely alone. We are people who are supposed to be learning to understand each other’s culture and ways.

To this day, this is something I struggle with. Even when writing the rough draft for this article, I felt like I needed to read my own words.

Concluding Thoughts

Healthy Distancing isn’t cutting someone off forever but making a mature decision to make sure our peace and happiness are solid.

Maturity is a construct of multiple moving parts, such as adjusting attitude based on natural temperament with particular situations that may trigger irresponsible actions.

When we constantly surround ourselves with people who want us to be immature through conversation and action, we walk down a dangerous road of wasted years.

As for me, I love my alone time away from other people. Too much of it caused me to be socially awkward and suffer from identity issues.

Over time, as I grew older, I realized that it’s okay to implement healthy distancing to one’s life philosophy without completely being detached from existence. Healthy distancing maintains a balance of a stable mind, body, and spirit.