Why Do We Procrastinate?

Why Do We Procrastinate?

The definition of a procrastinator is: ‘someone who keeps delaying things that must be done.’ Procrastination might come in the form of doing lots of smaller tasks that aren’t so important, to avoid the bigger ones that are. But it can also mean putting off those smaller tasks too – perhaps you find yourself doing anything but that one little …

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Conquer Gift Guilt

5 Ways to Conquer Gift Guilt

Everybody likes to surprise each other by giving gifts during the holiday season, however, getting gifts is a totally different story. Receiving gifts has a propensity to manifest remorse, also known as ‘Gift Guilt’ for some odd reason. Why is that the case here? Because gift-giving and receiving are expected for the holidays, it makes no sense from a rational …

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Daily Habits to Improve Your Life

11 Daily Habits to Significantly Improve Your Life

Some habits can have a significant impact and can help improve our lives like getting proper sleep, working out often, being kind, and make a daily routine. The best way to develop good habits and to replace bad habits is to be aware of our shortcomings in our habits first. We need to be able to differentiate between the good …

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Overcoming Anger and Finding Inner Peace

12 Tips for Overcoming Anger and Finding Inner Peace

When do you experience anger? You become angry when you are frustrated, unhappy, or when your feelings are hurt. You also experience it when plans don’t turn out as desired, or when coming against opposition or criticism. Anger never helps anyone. It wastes your energy and hurts your health, spoils your relationships, and causes you to miss opportunities. Getting angry …

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Learning to Self-Reflect

5 Reasons Why Learning to Self-Reflect Will Make You More Successful

One thing that unites successful people is their ability to learn and grow from all their experiences. Those who rise to the top are often those who remain on the lookout for tools and techniques for general improvement. One of the most important areas in life to strive for continuous improvement is within oneself. Perhaps the most powerful way of …

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Be Patient in the Workplace

How to Be Patient in the Workplace

Do you tend to lose your patience at work? What are the reasons for losing patience in the workplace? Here are a few instances where you might lose your patience: You try to teach a new employee a certain job, but he does not understand, no matter how many times you tell him what to do. Does this make you …

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Boost Your Self-Confidence

7 Tips That Will Help You to Boost Your Self-Confidence

How to build confidence in yourself? If you currently feel low in self-esteem or self-confidence, is it possible to turn this feeling into higher self-esteem or self-confidence? For now, in unconfident period, this may seem impossible, but you can take deliberate action to increase your confidence. You need to stop worrying if you want to find happiness You have the …

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Deja Vu

What Does Deja Vu Mean? Meaning and Definition

What does deja vu mean? You have most probably heard the words ‘deja vu’ more than once. What do these words mean? Let’s try to define the meaning of the words deja vu. Deja Vu Definition What is deja vu? Here are a few explanations. The term “deja vu” originates from the French, meaning “already seen”, and describes the experience …

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Stop Being Lazy

How to Overcome Laziness – 12 Tips

Are you decisive, energetic and a doer, or do you tend to procrastinate and prefer passivity? Do you sometimes ask yourself, how to stop being lazy? Do you wonder how not to be lazy when you feel so? What Is Laziness and How Can We Define It? It is the desire to be idle, to do nothing, resist effort, procrastinate …

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Self Improvement - Self Awareness

3 Reasons Why “Self-Improvement” Can only Go so Far

Self-improvement isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. While there is something empowering about trying to be better and more successful, there’s an unfortunate downside to constantly trying to improve yourself. I learned this the hard way. For most of my adult life, I was addicted to self-improvement. It certainly drove me to great heights, having created an idea …

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