How to Stop Feeling Sorry

How to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Do you sometimes, feel sorry for yourself and get into a bad mood? Do you wish you knew how to stop feeling sorry for yourself? Sometimes, what you plan or expect does not work as desired. Sometimes, you feel rejected. … Continue Reading

Better at Communicating

How I Made Myself Better at Communicating

I always preferred my own thoughts. In my youth, you could find me staring off into the horizon while the rest of my friends mingled with each other, but that has slowly changed. A number of factors have forced me … Continue Reading

Good Habits

How to Create Good Habits that Actually Stick

How to Create Good Habits that Actually Stick “To change a habit, make a conscious decision, then act out the new behavior.” – Maxwell Maltz Habits form the foundation of everything you do. Without realizing it your brain has created … Continue Reading

Overcome Bullying

How to Overcome Adult Bullying

Emily Bazelon, Yale research fellow and journalist, defines bullying as “physical or verbal abuse that occurs repeatedly and involves a power imbalance. In other words, it’s one kid, using social power, or physical strength, to dominate another in a way … Continue Reading

Making Changes

How to Rebuild Your Life from Scratch

Life is strange. Perhaps in your childhood or adolescence, you had a perfect plan for how your life is going to pan out. You dreamed how by your 20’s you will figure out your career path and by 30’s you … Continue Reading